Mary Gets a Makeover

Though slightly taken back with the change in her Happy Working Song, Mary was thoroughly satisfied with a job well done. The shock on Ben's face was also quite pleasing to her. Ah, what a little magic could do!

As she bundled the children swiftly into coats and scarves, ready to take them on a jolly little walk in the park, Janice came out of the kitchen.

"Where are you guys going in such a hurry?"

"Why, Mrs. Chandler, to the park of course!", Mary twittered sweetly.

"What park? They demolished the park quite a long time ago." Janice said, amused. Then she looked slightly doubtful, "Who are you really?"

"Mrs. Chandler, I can't make myself clearer! I'm your children's nanny!" Mary replied, rather puzzled.

Janice Chandler sighed, and decided it wasn't worth fighting. She could always use an extra hand. And anyway, the woman didn't look too harmful. But her appearance just wouldn't do.

"Mary, I think I have a few old clothes you could borrow. My grandmother's blue track suit and orthopedic shoes might fit you." Janice offered, helpfully.

Ben and Lily who, till now, had been very quiet, taking in the whole conversation choked with laughter. They had grown quite used to her, in the short time since she had arrived, and they knew she would refuse to change. However, their nanny disappeared into a room along with their mother, and reappeared a few moments later, looking quite smart. Like one of those nice old people who jog in the park.

However, there was still something very odd about ther, and the children were determined to find out what it was. Ben was out to take revenge on the evil live-in babysitter, while his sister was bent on discovering the lovely secret her nanny had. Maybe she was a queen who had escaped royal duties? Ah, the possibilities were endless...


The End

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