Up the bannister

Lily was so glad that mum had decided to hire Mary Poppins on. she thought that the new nanny might be an ally against her brat of a brother. She hoped that Mary Poppins would like her. Lily hadn't been very nice to her when she came to the door.

Then she flushed when she thought of the unicorn doing it's business in the meadow. She had been reading about unicorns, and wondering if they behaved in the manner of horses. When she looked into Mary Poppins" eyes, she saw a unicorn, maybe just because she'd been reading about them. The nanny's reaction of shock made Lily think that maybe Mary Poppins knew what she was thinking.

The woman was definitely an odd old bird, although it was difficult to determine how old she might be. She dressed like someone from a long time ago. How very strange. Maybe she was just playing dress up. Lily liked to do that sometimes.

Lily had been in the  computer room downstairs playing a video game, when she heard a door slam upstairs.

 " Ben again, " she sighed.Mum and dad should make him pay to replace the plaster that he kept knocking off downstairs.

Just then she heard  someone go clumping across the downstairs hall in heavy shoes. Thinking it was Daddy, she ran to the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. He often clumped.

She almost fainted in surprise to see the new nanny sitting on the banister rail, comfortable as you please. Then, even more astonishing, Mary Poppins slid UP the banister, with a gentle whoosh!

Holding on to the door frame for support, she watched as Mary Poppins dismounted from the banister in a very ladylike manner .She saw Ben start toward the stairs and meet the new nanny on the landing. She would have loved to see his reaction. She didn't dare move though, in case she was seen or heard.

The End

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