Lily Chandler Speaks Up.

Lily stood in the doorway, her back straight, Long curly hair mussed from just getting up from a nap. She smiled at the woman as she had been trained to do, to be polite. She quite liked the  look of the strange woman, even though she was still out of sorts from her tiff with her brother Ben this morning. He had put the cereal on the highest shelf in the kitchen, where he knew she couldn't  reach it, even with a stool.

"Want some help little girl?" He had asked from the doorway, as he watched her struggle to reach. He had taken the box from the shelf and dropped it on the floor and it spilled. He laughed as he left, and she had to clean it up.

She was thinking of that incident when the lady said that she was here to take care of her. She was mad at herself for being helpless, and mad at Ben for being a jerk. It put her back up.

" I can take care of myself, thank you very much!"  Lily lifted her pointed little chin, insolently.

"Lily! That is rude!"  Janice Chandler gasped, embarrassed.

"Yes of course you can dear, but we all need a little help from time to time, don't we?"

Mary Poppins said gently, bending her knees and lowering her body to hover just above her sensible shoes. Mollified, Lily lowered her chin, and looked straight into the vibrant blue eyes of this curious looking lady. What the little girl saw absolutely amazed her.

In the depth of Mary's eyes, and the warmth of Mary's smile, she saw a lovely meadow, with flowers and butterflies, and a unicorn taking a poop in the grass.

Mary shook her head suddenly, in shock. She knew what Lily had been seeing in this fantasy, because she had generated it. The unicorn taking care of it's bodily duties was just not part of her game plan! Lily must have come up with that one herself.

She was also not used to little girls being so...rebellious.  All the little girls that she had nannied were mostly pampered little darlings that behaved pretty much as they were told to. She shook her head again, to rid herself of the vision of the unicorn's dirty looking ass.

She looked around again, and realized that something was terribly wrong. This was the right house, it looked pretty much the same, but the street looked so different. The horseless carriages were going much faster than she remembered. She wondered what she had gotten herself into.

The End

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