Mary and Jo Jo: The Journal of Two Doves

The public park is as it usually was: the trail filled with joggers, the playground filled with children, the benches filled with possible lovers, old folks, and souls with no where else to go.  Amongst them all, flocks of street-wise pigeons are working their trade of begging for alms.  Up in the trees,sparrows and songbirds are making their homes, trying to make a world that is somehow above.  The squirrels live in the world of both, they are the scramblers here and there, the ramblers up and down.  With all this life, it would be so easy to overlook two little, soft brown doves working the same patch of grass together, searching for all the hidden seeds that keep gentle creatures like these alive. 

This is their story, the story told by this quiet couple, Mary and Jo Jo, fellow travellers through life, and by some miraculous act of destiny, travellers also through the gate ways of time.

It began that very day in that public park, when one more summer storm rose up and chased the joggers and children home.  The heavy rain kept coming and coming; the thunder and lightning  kept raging and raging; the storm clouds above settled upon the souls below.  Beneath an oak, beside a green, metal bench, Mary and Jo Jo huddled together, trying the best they could to provide each other some measure of shelter. 

As the lightning became one endless snarl and the wind, one endless howl, Mary finally gave up her act of courage, "Jo Jo, I'm scared!"

Jo Jo looked over to his love to share some comfort and reassurance, "I know, Mary.  But it will pass."

The last moment of their former world was one explosion of thunderous, blinding flash ... then following an empty place in their memory forever ... the park returned, peaceful, drenched with the full, hot sunshine of a cloudless, summer day.   All things  were the same, but somehow, in some way, something was very different about it all.  The oak tree felt much younger than before; the park bench was made of old and varnished wood.  In the distance, music of a kind that they had never heard before.

"Jo Jo, are you alright?"

"I think so.  What happened, Mary?  Where did the storm go?"

"I don't know.  I don't know."


The End

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