Chapter One


What is this place? It’s all colorful and swirly and beautiful. It has Hypnotic Flashes of light that are the exact opposite of the swirl sparkle before you. And the voices you hear come from somewhere else, a different world, reality.

“Age 5 is that correct?”


“Birthday March 17 1901?”

“Yes, is she going to be okay?”

“We are not sure yet…but the effects might be permanent.”

“Effects like what?”

“Not sure.”

“Okay. Thank you Doctor.”

What is this? Doctor? Where am I? This is really weird. Mommy wants me what’s going on?  What am I seeing? What’s with the lights and voices and colors and the pain in the back of my neck that keeps getting worse and worse. It’s like fire creeping up my spine into my neck into my head. Then an image rushed into my view and hid the colors and lights… It even eliminated the pain.

A baby girl about a week old is sitting on a boys lap while he plays the piano. He’s about 17 and utterly beautiful. The girl is very pretty and has chocolate brown eyes and long bronze curls that come about 3 inches past her shoulders. Her rosy cheeks are raised with a smile and her little hand is pressed against his cheek. The boy is kissing the top of her head. His eyes look like he’s burning. And he keeps glancing up the stairs. His hair matches the girl’s hair but his eyes are gold. The song he is playing is making the girl sleepy. Her eyes are drooping and her smile is falling. As the song ends she drifts off to sleep.

The lights and colors return. And so does the pain. Then the voices return.

“Oh Maewe.”

“Cynthia, she’ll be ok.”

“But it’s my fault! If I hadn’t weft my tedybare at da top ob the stairs she wouldn’t ave twipped!”

“It’s not your fault!”

“Yes it is!”

Then a BANG like a door slamming echoed off the inside of my head. What append to me? I fell?!

Then another picture filled my mind…

            A man and a teenage girl are sitting at an oak table in a cozy blue kitchen. The cabinets are bright yellow and the appliances are new but have and old feel about them. The girl has a heart shaped face and straight brunette hair. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown and are very beautiful. The man looked similar except his hair was curly and he had a different shaped face. The girl is talking to her father who is getting curious and then she jumps out of her chair to get the door. The person at the door is the same boy from the last picture except he looks happier.

The End

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