Martyrania (Excerpt from Chapter One)

A story I have basically been writing since I was 10. 9 years later it is very much evolved from the original idea. It was originally a brief trilogy. Now I am busy re-working it into a single book, with a more mature tone than a 10 year old!

“I wish that we had a room like this at home...” As Laura chatted on Grace cleared a space at the foot of the sofa and piled the books in it. She then proceeded to look much more closely at the shelves, picking out the newly acquired books and more interesting ones. She fingered each book’s spine delicately, relishing its feel, breathing its smell, and recalling how she felt when she read it. The colours of all of these books really were astonishing she thought, it reminded her of the meadows in summertime; a beautiful place to read, to imagine another world around you, to hear the battles, the lovers, the laughing children, the bustle of a village or a market.  Grace breathed in the smell of the book in her hands, closing her eyes to fill herself with the smell and nothing more. Laura broke Grace out of her trance “Grace? Are you listening?”

The End

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