[3/final] Timing

-Chapter 3-
-Timing is everything-

Claira sighed, walking quickly towards the Kitchens, notepad in hand, pencil in the other. It had been a morning not to remember. No one thought Robi had been any different to normal and so Aira had no leads, so suspects. Afterall, who would want to kill someone so sweet and innocent? Aira shook her head as she turned the corner, sighting the Kitchens. Then there was a piercing scream Aira knew could only come from one person – Abigail. Dropping her notepad and pencil, Aira ran towards the door to Kitchen 1 and slammed it open just in time to see the chief's assistant stepping towards her best friend. Aira didn't know what to do. Biting her lip, she ran towards her friend. She grabbed her arm roughly, pulling her away from the creep. Aira noticed bitterly that Abs already had a scratch cross her left cheek that etched blood.

"Aira!" Abs gasped. "Oh my god! He's trying to kill me!"

"I can see that Abs!" Aira yelled, Daniel stagger to her, knife in hand. "Oh, bloody hell!"

Grabbing Abs' hand, Aira ran past Daniel, yanking Abs along. She was looking for a way out. Spotting a door, Aira darted to it. Darn, it was only a store cupboard, Aira cringed. Abs was looking around crazily, scared out of hell. Aira ran back out, looking around desperately for something, anything, that could aid their escape. Unwilling to touch a knife, Aira grabbed a stool. She raised it in front of her.

"Stay behind me Abs. You're always save me and Robi. Now it's my turn. I'll fight off this psycho. Just watch." Aira murmured to her friend.

"Are you sure, Aira? I'm pretty sure he killed Robi." Abs gasped. Aira's expression hardened. She scowled the biggest scowl the world has ever seen and her eyes narrowed.

"That's it. I'm gonna kill him!!" Aira yelled in anger, racing towards Daniel. A leg hit him right in the stomach, causing the maniac to hunch over. As his arm felt down, the knife barely missed Aira's hand. Reaching over the stool, Aira aimed a punch at his head and succeeded. It hit squarely in the forehead. His arm flipped up, knife almost slicing Aira's elbow.

"Stop Aira! This is way to close!" Abs was screaming, so scared for her only remaining friend. It would be horrible for her to die in this way. And it would be all Abs fault. That thought alone brought tears to Abs' eyes. But there was nothing she could do. Aira had always been much better in combat anyway.

Daniel was stabbing at Aira with the knife now. It was taking all her strength just to block it. Daniel missed Aira's head by millimetres time after time. Aira was shaking now with the fright. Daniel was a psychopath and a dangerous one at that. Daniel grabbed the stool legs and threw it behind him, leaving Aira defenceless. Aira stepped back, expecting the worst. Abs screamed as she watched Daniel throw himself on Aira. Aira just managed to hold the knife above her stomach.

But Daniel's strength was getting the better of Aira. She struggled against the force, the knife growing closer to it's master's chosen destination by the second. Abs was crying, shaking her head in disbelief, her entire body shaking. Wherever Abs tried to come forward, to help her friend, Aira would bark back the same words "No Abs! He's not getting you too!" or "Just run Abs! Get help!". But every time, Abs was too scared to run, to leave Aira.

"Hey Dani? Did Robi put up this much of a fight?" Aira growled. That was the only question still on her mind and Aira knew she was going to die. He strength wouldn't match his.

"Oh yes, and more. But she gave in quickly Claira. So quickly, once I promised her one last demand." Daniel smirked, his grip weakening, just for a moment. Aira felt that it was purposeful, just so he could be given the time to explain.

"Last demand? What might that be?" Aira groaned, her strength was going every time she spoke.

"Well, you don't honestly think she'd let herself die a virgin, do you?" Daniel's white teeth glimmered on the silver surface of the knife. Tears were now in Aira's eyes. How could he do that? Robi had been 15. 15! Aira wanted to scream out a protest, cry until her body was stripped of fluid, hurt until every bone in her body ached from the violence.

"How could you?!" Aira screamed, hot tears dripping down her cheeks. "There isn't a word bad enough to describe you!"

Aira thought of Roberta, her perfect smile, those perfect blue eyes, that stunning long blonde hair. The way she loved even the rainiest of days because gym was cancelled and they got a free period. And how she always flicked her rice krispies at Abs and Abs would retaliate by pouring apple juice into Robi's milk. Aira laughed out loud, ignoring everything else, even the blade millimetres above her stomach. If it was indeed her day to die, she was going with a smile and the thoughts of those lost times.

Times that, thanks to him, would stay memories forever. Robi was never coming back and soon she, Claira, would be dead too. Abigail would be all alone in the world and for the first time since the three of them had met, four years ago, Abs would be the one in need for a mother, not Robi or Aira.

Aira opened her eyes as she felt hands on her back. "Abs no!"

But Abs just grinned at Aira and pushed. And this gave Aira the strength to push Daniel away, the knife sailing from his hands. Daniel sped back across the slippery floor, stunned for a moment. Aira and Abs watched the knife bounce off the ceiling, the opposite wall, the wall Aira was sat against, just missing her, and, as Daniel sat up, the knife landed in the center of his chest.

Abs screamed and Aira covered her eyes. Abs put her arm around Aira, pulling her damp face to her chest, hugging her friend as a mother hugs her daughter, rocking her gently. Aira put her arm around Abs' neck, shaking with tears. Abs was tearing too, but silently and still.

"Aira, I can never thank you enough for that. He could have killed me. He could have killed you. And you saved us both." Abs whispered shakily to Aira. "I loved you, Claira Martini. I owe you my life."

"It was so hard Abs. You have no idea. He was so strong, I was so sure I was going to die." Aira sobbed back, her breathing slowly coming back to normal. "I was thinking of you. And Robi. That's what kept me going. If I was going to die, then and there, I was having the two most important people in my life in my mind. And without that extra boast from you, Daniel would have killed us both by now. I love you Abigail Murders."

"Will I be happy once all this murder business finally ends." Abs sighed, wiping away Aira's tears with a piece of clean cloth from a draw.

"Can't we still have our detective business? Martini && Murders?" Aira asked with a small smile. Abs smiled into Aira's hair.

"Sure we can. Just no more full on jobs like this. I'm not letting you risk your life for me again." Abs laughed. Aira laughed back.

Daniel was dead. The mystery of Roberta Clement's murder was solved. Claira had risked her life to save Abigail. Abigail had been the mother Claira never had, once again. Martini && Murders Crime Fighting Detectives were born.

The End

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