Martin's Sacrifice

I suppose you'd like to know a little more about me, aka, Super Martin. Of course you would. I'm a superhero.

My friends, and I have loads of them, they all come from Mars - that's where superheroes live, we have these matching scars. They're the shape of lightening bolts, a bit like Harry Potter's - cool huh?

My real appearance is greatly concealed. I'm tall and muscular, I'm like a human shield. I have a face like Clark Kent, out of Smallville, you know, except better looking, like Orlando Bloom or like Matt Diangilo.

So anyway, here I am, undercover. There's this girl I always see, her names Louise, I plan to make her my lover. I can tell she wants me, yes, she wants me bad, but there are rules concerning that.

I am a superhero, we are not destined to be. My dear Louise, you'd be better off without me. Though I see she loves me, from no power of my own. She looks at me all the time. Well, she once did it twice in a row.

We have so much in common, oh how it makes me ache. She likes music too, like me, and plays the cornet.

Once I dropped my glasses, dropped them stepping through the door. The next thing I know, she's bent over on the floor. She returned to me my glasses, and I thanked her in my seductive tone (which may have been a mistake), oh, dear god it was, 'cause now she won't leave me alone.

I had a dream about her, about her wavy hair. I had a dream she married Dean, a boy from the St. Matthew gang. In this dream, I turned back into my superhero form and kicked his smoking, drinking, having sex ass back home.

And then Louise and I got married, oh how we were meant to be. And then I woke up and it had all been a dream. It was never going to happen to me.

Yes, I was good looking, and yes I could kick ass. Yes I had superpowers, and yes it was quite possible for me to grow a mustache, but I have to think of Louise, and how her life would be.

She is better off alone, without me.

The End

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