Spilled Blood

Two feet of man-killing rifle pointed it's deadly projectile at Guyard's face. Three men stood around him in a semi-circle. They must've snuck up behind him, using the noise of the dustbike to mask there footsteps. The man with the rifle stood on his right, dressed in the bleached bone robes of the Koranti. A large varyite eye sat on a thick rope around his neck. The man behind him bore a brass mantle on his shoulders, so Guyard presumed this was their leader, a Guider, charlatans that lead the fanatic Koranti zealots on raids and minor missions.

"I am Guider Amaranth. You stand upon sanctified dust now, and this...farm belongs to the Koranti and the Red Eye." The Guider spoke with a slight accent of one who has only recently arrived on Mars, maybe five or six years.

Guyard was getting worried. What had happened to his parents? Were they alright. He drew himself up, straightening his back .

"Were are my parents." Amaranth smiled. He nodded to the final Koranti, this time armed with a long particle blade. He reached into a sack at his feet, and drew out two lumps. At first, Guyard did not recognize them, but the characteristics of his fathers face soon showed, and one of the heads bore the same golden hair as his mother. An involuntary cry escaped his throat.

"They dared challenge the rule of the Red Eye, and they payed with their blood. You, however, will give us what we want." Guyard crumbled, sobbing on the harsh red dust. His tears fell freely. "Show us where you keep the varyite." The red, diamond like mineral was the only thing valuable on this planet. On Earth, it held the equivalence to diamonds in value, but this was because of it's extreme nature. Varyite disabled electronics within close proximity, depending on size, like a permanent EMP. This meant it can only be shipped between planets in totally electric free vessels, which cost millions to create, and due to the lack of guiding devices, often go stray. On Mars however, the varyite properties become more sedate, and small quantities wouldn't disable even a household toaster. It served as a sort of "special currency". While Mars uses official stellar dollars, nicknames "flakes" by the residents, it only serves for things wich can have been valued. Things like feul or ammo. But varyite was a bartering currency, for items as valuable as lifes. The Koranti also had a strange obsession with the valuable crystal, holding it in near reverence.

"I don't know, Father never showed me where he hid it. Flakes are under the bed, though." He was defeated. Amaranth spat in his face. "I don't want your flakes, the Koranti demand varyite!" A boot whipped out and cracked him across the ribs."Very well. You can rot out here with your flakes." A knife come out of his robes, and punctured the feul tank of his bike.

"No! Don't!" But they were gone. The dust of their own bikes stayed on the red horizen for a few everlasting moments, then faded. Guyard didn't even bother stopping the flow of precious feul, there was too little in it to get him anywhere. He was left alone, in cold night. Alone, with the severed heads of his parents staring at him in baleful pity.

His fists clenched. Revenge will be mine.

The End

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