Mars Majoris

Mars has been Terraformed and now has a breathable atmosphere. In the year 2022, Mars was colonised when the United Nations sent 60,000,000 people to live on the newly terraformed martian soil. But the UN has failed to appoint a ruling government, and cilvil war ensued. Two factions rose. The technological dependent Inventium, and the fanatically zealous Koranti. The year is now 2142 AD. The two faction are fighting eachother, and the rest of the denizens that inhabit the Red Planet are coug

The Sun was setting under the western sky. The dustdwellers were lowing off to the east, and the faint haze of light drifting up from the merchant city of Kortex. The final night of the three Earth-year long period was coming to a close. Guyard closed up the watchpost, reved the bike, and blasted off towards the farmstead

Those who live on Mars are either farmers or slavers, or if your lucky enough, you're a miner, working for the corrupt mining ccompanies from Earth that want the mineral rich rocks within craters. There is no government on Mars like there is on Earth, so pretty much anything goes. However, if you do something that would interfere with the workings of either the enigmatic Koranti or unhuman Inventium, then your sure to be visited by men claiming to work for the "greater good" of Mars, and then a bullet in the brain. But there is no stopping the two factions, vying for dominence. The only way is to survive in a land of unfair justice and lawless bandits, and try not to be too nihilistic about it.

Guyard drew up next to the farmhouse, didn't bother locking his bike in, for no bandits would be out this time of night, and moved to front door, only to be confronted by the barrel of rifle, pointed directly at him.


The End

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