A Knight's Parade

The day arrived in a flurry of activity. I had known, of course, that this Francis was a knight up for Dukeship, but many others had not. They had simply assumed that a simple village girl would marry a simple village boy, albeit one from the next village over. They did not see coming the carriages and the courtiers, did not expect the fancy dresses and arrangements that arrived, load by load, to decorate the small temple in which I was to be married.

Of course, they missed a small fact. I was beautiful, and more than just the most becoming girl in the village. I was considered a rare beauty. How could I catch a knight's eye? Why, by having my portrait painted by a travelling bard. He had, it was said, bumped into the young knight, spilling his works, both music and painting upon the cobblestones. My picture had caught the young man's attention and he was smitten.

To be loved only for my looks? I was fine with that. Emotions were unfathomable to me and life would happen as it did.

"Em, darling, are you ready?" My mother was nervous, wringing her hands and looking me over with concern.

"I'm fine, Mother."

In fact, most of the village was nervous, never having been exposed to nobility like this before.

"Are you sure, dear? You're not nervous? Or scared?"

"When I say I'm fine, I'm fine. I am a lady, Mother." To calm her fears I added, "You brought me up to be a lady, a lady I will be."

She beamed then, calming down from the compliment.

"It's almost time then." 

The End

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