Mark's Unfortunate Turn of Events

Mark continued to skulk down the street; one morose step after another.  He took a moment, pointing his face to the night sky, to study the cloudless mass.  It seemed his disposition would be perfect, if only it were raining.  He sighed heavily; Mark just couldn’t catch a break these days. 

Mark, in fact, did not usually skulk.  The skulking came into Mark’s life very recently.  He had no reason to skulk until recently because Mark had a good life; a very good life.  Some might even have called it a brilliantly full life.  He had a girlfriend with lovely brown hair that fell around her shoulders in lovely soft curls; she had wide brown eyes that were lovely to look into; she had lovely pink lips that were of the perfect plumpness and a lovely, slender neck that was simply to die for.  Her name was Elizabeth but since this was such a tedious mouthful for Mark, he simply called her Ellie.  He did not know if Elizabeth preferred the nickname or not, and, in fact, never thought to ask.  She was very patient and dreadfully kind.  She was also reasonably quiet which perhaps is why she is not the protagonist of this story and Mark is.  Mark was not very patient.  He never had anyone tell him how pleasant he was and he was not a quiet soul.  Until now that is.  He was quiet now as he persisted in his skulking.

Mark also had a job, back when he had his brilliantly full life.  To you or I, it would seem like a remarkably dull job, and in fact it was.  But Mark liked it.  He worked in a place with a lot of telephones that average people would call, asking Mark how to fix things like their television remote, or their television or perhaps their computer, that were on the fritz and they couldn’t seem to work.  Mark liked it because everyday, he would get to feel smart while the person on the other end of the phone would feel very hopeless and lost.  It was a feeling he never tired of.

He had had other things in the brilliant life as well.  Things like friends and family and a forty inch HDTV flat screen LCD TV.  This last one was one of his most beloved possessions. 

But that was all in the past.  Mark, regretfully, had none of those things anymore.

The End

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