Marked ManMature

This is my first Sci-Fi Ish story about a man who is being chased by a bounty hunter for unknown reasons.

I woke up in a dimly lit hotel room. You'd think with the technology we had now adays that hotels could afford to change a fucking light bulb. I checked my clock and nearly screamed at myself in anger. The alarm hadn't went off this morning, and i was now instead of leaving by dawn, it was about 11 AM Galactic Standerd time. I quickly lept up ripping on the shirt that i had carelessly thrown on the floor lastnight in a drunken stupor. All of a sudden i heard the intercom beside my bed start beeping. I clicked the audio only button, just in case.

           "Mr Redcliffe," said the young girls voice "You have a visitor, he arrived a few miniutes ago and made sure i told you he was coming up."

          My heart stopped for a miniute, no one should know i was here. This only meant trouble. I grabbed my back pack, which was filled with a few clothes, and my wallet which i shoved into my jeans pocket, and rushed out the door. Down the hall i heard one of the elevators rushing up. I ran down to get the elevator on the other side of the hotel.

              As i pressed the button the other elevator stopped and i heard foot steps emerging into the hall. They sounded like they belonged to a pair of boots, and as i heard them cling against the linolium i knew that they were armored. I practically tore into the elevator and clicked the button that took me down to the lobby. As the door closed i caught a glimpse of someone holding a blaster in there right hand.

          The elevator seemed to take forever, the adrenaline in my body thumping so hard it seemed to slow time down. After what seemed to be a century, the doors opened to the lobby. I rushed out ignoring the lady at the front desk's protests. Soon she'd realize that Mr Zerth Redcliffe was infact, a deceased man whose information i had stolen.

          I got outside and saw a hover taxi waiting outside for a patron. Inside was a bored looking teenager that looked almost hopeful that noone would need a ride, which was completly illogical considering the location. I opened the back door and sat in quickly. I needed to get my ass off this station quickly, but the next transit ship wasn't leaving for another hour. The next best thing i could do till then is hide in a crowded place.

The End

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