Marked From the Start

Ok, I wrote this as a fanfiction and then it turned into a school assignment and I think it could really go far although I don't know where to take it.

Go crazy!


Rain poured heavily upon the rocky sidewalks, creating minatures rivers that ran along the cleared roads and emptied into the sewers. There were only two people who dared to be out on this dreary day.

A young woman raced down the street, an anxiousness about her that was not caused by the rain. In her slender arms was a little bundle of damp grey cloth. Every time lightening glashed and the thunder boomed the bundle would cry out, scaredand unsure what was going on. As the woman came to a little cottage her pace slowed, but only by a step. She tried her best to quiet the screaming baby inside the bundle, but to no avail.

She pushed open the wooden gate and hurried along the crudely made stone path as the baby's soft white hands reached up and grabbed a lock of her mother's golden hair. The young woman winced, looking down into the beautiful little face and sighed while grabbing hold of the baby's hand, forcing her to let go. The baby stopped screaming and began to smile; satisfied with her mtoher's attention. Her mother smiled back before entering the run-down shack they called home. She didn't bother to turn on a light but instead put the baby in her crib and started the spinning mobile. She held her daughter's tiny hand for a few moments before leaving the dark room to gather supplies.

Lightening flashed across the sky, illuminatiing the room for a split second, scaring the baby who began screaming for her mother's return.

The young woman stopped stuffing baby bottles into a bag and went back to the room.

"Oh, shhhh," she cooed soothingly, leaning over the crib, "Its ok, Its ok, Mommy's here."

"So is Daddy," boomed a voice from behind, causing the baby to scream again.

The woman's soft brown eyes grew wide before she turned around, fear written clearly across her face, "No," she whispered.

A young man stepped out of the shadows and began to slowly make his way to the crib, but the young woman put herself in his way,

"You can't protect her this time," he warned.

"I can try."

"You can't really expect for her to live a normal life after what has happened," he said with an evil grin.

"You're a monster! She's your daughter too! How could you have done such a thing?!" the woman cried.

"I wasn't the only one in on this," he reminded her, taking a step foward.

"You know very well the state I was in when i signed those papers," the woman growled, her face taking on a predatory look.

"This has to be done." Without warning the man grabbed the woman's wrist and kneed her in the stomach before striking her over hte head, causing the young mother to fall to the florr in a crumpled heap.


When she finally came to, she was greeted by the simple pitter patter of rain, nothing more. Frantically the woman crawled out the door, struggling to get to her feet. But in her haste, she tripped down the concrete steps into a muddied puddle. She looked up as the lightning flashed across the sky, revealing her stunning features as her lips formed the single word that she would die for.



I know it gets kind of corny/expected in some places but i'd really like to see what other people can come up with! ^__^

The End

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