Tyler knew what he had to do. The shell-shocked feeling that came with seeing wolves as big as cars was gone but so was the eerie calm that had descended on him when the girl had shown up. Before her appearance, he had been sure of his own death. After all, the wolves had only been playing with him, getting ready to move in for the kill. Then she had materialized, white as the snow, distinguished from it by only her black sweatshirt and hair. And now she was slumped against a tree trunk, as motionless as the dead wolves. Blood stained the snow all around her like a halo and her left leg was bent at an unholy angle somewhere in between her knee and ankle.

He had to help her. Tentative to break the thick, unnatural silence Tyler called out to her but she didn't respond. Unbeknown to him, Helena was sinking deeper and deeper into a fog. Pain was fading along with all light and color and sound. Everything was cold and dark.

It didn't take a doctor to know that time was running out. Tyler tried to get up and move towards her but he couldn't feel his toes, or feet, or anything from the knees down. In fact, he couldn't feel much of anything anymore. His hands were purple, his feet almost black and, despite the adrenaline rush from almost being killed by a pack of mutant wolves, he was starting to feel extremely tired. But he couldn't just give in. This girl had risked her life, and probably lost it, trying to save him. If the least he could do was let her know it was appreciated, albeit in vain, then he would have to do it. Using his elbows, which he could still feel somehow, he crawled the short distance between them.

Up close he could see the blood splattered in her hair and on her face. He could see the dark stain of blood on her darker jacket. And he could see that she was incredibly beautiful. Tyler reached out and touched her hand, hoping to get her to open her eyes and look at him. Then he could at least say ‘thank you.' She didn't move or respond at all to his touch. Tyler, sure that cruel fate had already taken her, felt a flare of intense fury unlike anything he'd experienced before. And then it happened.

First, a clap of thunder echoed so loud that it rattled the teeth in his head. Then a bolt of lightning seemed to come down straight from heaven itself and strike their hands where they met. The sensation was unlike anything Tyler had ever felt before. Acute pain burned his hand while a calming, warm wave washed over the rest of his body. And then, as suddenly it had come, it was gone and it took his numbness with it. All of his frostbite was gone but not just that, it was like he had never been cold at all, like it was a warm summer day rather than a cold winter night. As the warmth spread through him, he looked up from where he lay in the snow and saw a pair of crystalline blue eyes staring back at him.

For a moment, Tyler couldn't speak or move or do much of anything until her eyes slid closed again. He didn't worry though, because he knew, and he wasn't sure how he knew, that she would be alright, just as he knew that he would also be alright. He stood, now that he was able, and carefully picked up the girl who had saved his life, careful not to disturb her injuries. He wasn't sure what had just happened or if the girl had been healed like he had but her shirt was still covered in blood. Following his own trail, he walked silently and reverently back to his car. As he went he stayed warm, the snow failing to even freeze his toes. It was a warmth that would stay with him even after he got home. 


The End

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