Helena: 30 Minutes Before Impact


 It was colder than she expected; far colder than it had been last night and the temperature continued to drop fast now, in the darkest hours before the sun rises. The snow was coming down in sheets and had been for hours judging by the size of the snow drifts. The bitter wind whipped across the road, dragging long curving lines of snow with it. It was colder than cold, Helena thought, it must be below zero. She shivered again, teeth chattering loudly. Even wearing her warmest clothes, jeans and a black sweatshirt, she was freezing. And walking along the empty roadside wasn't helping. Occasionally she thought it might be warmer to walk in the woods on either side of the road where the trees could block the wind but if her sneakers got soaked in the snow there would be no benefit.

Inside, Helena had a profound sense that something was wrong. Somewhere in her mind a voice was telling her that this was insane, that there was no way for her to survive these conditions. She even recognized it to a point. She knew it was too cold for her to be out and that she would never attempt this trek under normal conditions but something was wrong. She had thought it was the town, that something was wrong with the town and that she needed to escape it. That had started this suicide journey. But now she realized that wasn't it. The farther she got from the town, the stronger the feeling became and the more identifiable. Maybe it wasn't that something was wrong but that there was some strange energy in the air, some electric quality that made Helena feel like something was about to happen. Something important. And it was going to happen to her. There was no point in fighting it or trying to run away. She could almost see the hands of fate at work as she continued down the road and she would not fear them, she had nothing left to lose.

In the distance, a howl pierced the night sky. Wolves preparing for a hunt to the untrained ear but she knew better. As the half animal cry rose again, Helena stopped to draw her two silver knives from her backpack that contained all her possessions in this world. She knew what she had to do.


The End

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