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The date was the 13th of December, 1991. It was a breezy Friday night on the streets of Miami, and at this time, in this part of the city, Florida wasn’t all that the tourist guides chalked it up to be. Never the less, gangbangers and hoodlums didn’t scare Mark. They never did.

They’d sent him out. Again. To go and collect pizzas. Again. Mark loved pizza, almost as much as he loved shitty synthwave music and comparing poorly constructed theories about video game stories on the internet. But what Mark didn’t like, was being the ‘lap dog’ of the gang. He was a big guy, so nobody fucked with him, nobody who didn’t know him, that is. Once you knew Mark, you wouldn’t believe a big soft grizzly bear like him massacred apartment buildings filled with junkies in his off time, but I digress, tonight, Mark was lonely.


He sighed to himself, as he looked up at the starts whimsically. He’d been alone for a long time, in fact ever since he dropped out of college he hadn’t even had a single girlfriend. It’s hard to make friends when everyone you meet either runs or looks away from you, or tries to put a bullet in your skull. That’s why his only friends are two twins who stare at each other’s groins like hungry meat-starved wolves, a protein nut with an obsession for frosted cereal and a quiet girl who does nothing but watch TV and refuse to buy a pair of socks.

He could still hear them, Ash shouting at him to go and grab some pizzas already. Alex nodding, barely acknowledging his existence, Tony repeatedly yelling about how hungry he is and how he hates this and hates that. Man, that guy was a tiger through and through. And Corey… well, what about Corey? Was she even there? Sometimes that girl’s just so silent you forget she’s even in the room, point is she either wasn’t there to or just didn’t want to offer to help or even stick up for Mark!


Mark grumbled too himself as he turned the corner towards Pizza Palooza. Maybe he’ll spit on their pizzas… yeah, that’ll show ‘em. They won’t ask him to go fetch pizzas again. Or maybe, or maybe- Mark was so lost in his devious plans that he hardly noticed Corey stood in the doorway of the restaurant, a pizza box under one arm.

“…” she spoke, as if ellipses and silence were some sort of valid fucking greeting.

“C-Corey! Hey! I was just gonna go grab some pizza for the gang, looks like you might’ve beat me to it though! Haha… ha”. She gave him a blank expressionless look, almost as though she was just tiredly staring right through him. That look gave Mark the chills sometimes.

“Figured. Just went to get myself one, idiots gave me a size too large” Corey motioned towards the box under her arm, “Wanna share?”

As she spoke her face didn’t even change in the slightest to reflect what she was saying, as though she was dully reading lines off a script.

“S-sure I would! Yeah, I’d love to!” Mark stammered, not entirely sure why he was getting so carried away. “Although, I’d better buy some more, the guys’ll be pissed if I come back empty handed”

“Fuck ‘em. My place is just down the road, come on”


Mark had never actually been to Corey’s house; or any of his ‘friends’ houses to tell the truth. He had his apartment, and then he often went to the hideout. He’d been at a few parties held by Alex or Ash’s friends, or maybe some of Tony’s sister’s buddies. But his place and the hideout were pretty much where he lived. Her house, unlike his, was surprisingly neat, a detached little bungalow, closer to the resort areas. She had a pretty big TV, and several framed movie posters up on the walls, Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, Back to the Future…

“Woah, nice pad Corey” Mark mused, as he pulled out a kitchen chair. Corey put the pizza in the middle of the table and went over to the fridge.

“Drink?” she asked plainly, as she pulled out two bottles of whisky. Practically flagons, they both read “Palm Ridge” across the front, and were a cool umber colour.

“A-all that?” he blurted, as Corey placed one bottle down before him without waiting for an answer.

And just like that, she grabbed a slice of pizza in one hand and a neck in the other, and began to tuck in. Mark had never seen anything like it, a slender, petite, young dame like Corey, knocking back half a bottle of forty-three percent like it was nothing, all while stuffing chunks of cheese pizza in her mouth in between glugs.

Mark wasn’t about to be beaten, he wasn’t going to look like a prude in front of any woman, so he lifted the bottle to his lips and began to drink. The burn set in quickly, and it shot straight up all his senses. He felt his throat seer with fire, but he kept going till half the bottle was gone. He slammed his down on the table and stacked three slices of pizza with one hand, then stuffed the combination into his mouth. He was chewing furiously when he heard a slight giggle.

Mark looked up to see a slightly blushing Corey, with a small smile slipping across her face. She put her hand to her mouth, embarrassed, then immediately burst out laughing. Mark was awestruck, partly because he’d never really seen just how gorgeous Corey really was until she’d showed some emotion. Suddenly her smooth tan skin, her long luscious black hair, the faint freckles on her nose, it all just looked so brilliant to him, and, as if by magic, he started to laugh too.


Corey smiled, and picked up her bottle again, outstretching her arm. Mark thought she wanted to clink bottles, so he did the same, only for Corey to link her arm with his and put the top to her lips. Hesitantly Mark did the same, and they both proceeded to swallow the remains of their drinks.

Mark’s head felt warm and heavy, and then suddenly very light. He stood up and hit it on the ceiling, then stumbled a little. Corey giggled more and stood up too, she tried to walk over to help Mark but fell over herself, laughing all the time. Mark started to laugh too, he felt ill and dizzy, but god was he happy! Corey clambered to her feet, then went over again, this time forwards into Mark. In any other situation Mark would’ve easily stood his ground, but he felt himself beginning to topple backwards. His head hit a door and he fell into Corey’s bedroom, its delighted owner landing on top of him.

“Hey, watch, hey hey, watch this!” Corey giggled, as she tried to forward roll over him. Mark got a face full of her ass. It smelt of sweat and perfume, liquorish and roses, and was strangling intoxicating. As she passed over him, laughing all the while, she tumbled into a wall and collapsed in a hooting pile on the floor.


“I, ah, hahaha, I think we’ve, er, had a bit much to, er, ahaha” Mark chuckled, as he tried to steady himself with her bed post. “Corey, I think we’ve-“

Before he knew it a sudden force had pushed him onto her bed, and Corey was on top of him, a huge grin on thin lips.

“You’re pretty cute, you know” she whispered, her forehead pressed against his with a smile from ear to ear.

“I, well, I uhm… really?” Mark didn’t know what to say, they were both assuredly drunk, but something felt different. Something felt good. Really good.

At some point in the altercation, Corey had lost her Dolphins jacket and even in the dim light, Mark could clearly see her nipples poking through her bright orange t-shirt. Corey immediately noticed where his gaze was, and she beamed, her eyes opening wide.


“Wanna see?” she giggled, lifting her shirt up from the bottom before Mark could even adjust his open mouth, to reveal two small perky breasts, each with bright little nipples. Corey led Mark’s hand to her tits, and let him caress them. They were soft to the touch, and he felt one of her nipples tighten as he ran his thumb across its areola. Then, she began to rub her pelvis back and forth. Mark hadn’t noticed his own little Mark growing restless in his pants, and but Corey had, and was already beginning to get him more excited.

“Now… can I see you?” she spoke softly, biting her lip as a small grin crept back across her face. This time she awaited Mark to say yes before she moved down a little and began to unbutton his jeans. Out popped a hairy little soldier, making Corey gasp a little as she took it into her hands. Without wasting a single moment, she pushed her hair behind her ear and pulled back Mark’s foreskin before doubling over, taking the entire length of his manhood down her throat. His hands now clutched the bed, he’d never felt a soft, wet sensation like this on the head of his dick before. Corey gagged a little as her lips closed around the base of the shaft, before she began to suck and suck and suck and suck. Mark didn’t want the sensation to end, and as her head began to run up his cock, he quickly pushed it back down again. She spluttered, but gave no resistance, and once again took his manhood fully into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, occasionally taking the end into her cheek and letting her spit slide down the long member. Her eyeliner had ran half down her face before she finally released him from her grasp.


Sitting up and letting out a sigh of pleasure, dribble rolling down her face, all over her lifted shirt and now shining breasts and nipples, she pulled her right hand out of her sweatpants, revealing what she’d been doing whilst servicing Mark. A huge soaking patch lay where what he was about to see for the first time in his life dwelled. Corey turned round as she slid off her undergarments, revealing two smooth but firm cheeks, before she turned around once again.

Mark had always imagined his first time being with another virgin, and surely someone with as much skill as Corey wasn’t such, but in that moment, he was euphoric, and cared little for such trivial religious matters. Without anything but her warming smile, Corey lowered herself onto him, letting out a little gasp as she fell forward. Then, without missing a beat, she began to thrust her hips, sliding her lower body up and down his shaft. Mark could smell her perfume more strongly now, and the sweat and the whisky and the running makeup. He could feeling her quickening breathing on his neck, he could hear her soft moans singing sweetly into his ears. He was in heaven.

“C-Corey…” breathed Mark

“Y-, ah, yes?” Corey spoke, raising her head so her big brown eyes met with his.

“I think I… I think I lo-“


Suddenly, the closet door exploded and out jumped the incredibly handsome detective, Manny Pardo, his extremely girthy and unbelievably impressive manhood in one hand and a 12 Gauge Shotgun in the other.

“Your times have come, and so have I” declared the ingenious criminal chaser, as he pushed his wet flaccid cock back into his pants and zipped up.

“What the fuck!?” shouted Corey, only for her yell to be cut off as a scatter of shrapnel tore through her arse, buttering them with blood like waffles and bacon, and blasting out the other end, her head bursting over Mark’s chest.

He couldn’t believe this, he couldn’t believe what was happening. He was so happy, so incredibly joyful for the first time in his miserable existence, only for it to be torn away from him. He started to shake as he felt tears beginning to well up in his eyes. He clutched Corey’s lifeless body, muttering her name, hoping that if this is some sort of twisted nightmare, he’ll wake up. Maybe he’ll wake up in a bed next to her, and it’d all have been some sort of dream. Yes, that’s right. This was all a horrible figment of his imagination, penance for Monday, at NW 168th.


The cool and intelligent detective, Manny Pardo, tutted.

“I guess she wasn’t born with thick skin” he chortled to himself.

Mark tried to plead with him, tried to ask this hellish turn of events to come to a close, but the tall, smart officer of the law simply ran his hands through his lavish golden locks.

“Oh? You want your fifteen minutes of fame? Well, I don’t think so. You know what happens to thugs like you?”

And then Pardo’s dick, which had become increasingly more erect since glossing over the breakfast he’d made out of Corey’s corpse, tore a hole in his pants. Three thin streams of cum shot from his erect phallus, money-shotting the remains of her behind, and then out came a bullet, blowing a hole in Mark’s temple and plunging his world into black. The dashingly charming detective smiled to himself, then reloaded his dick and pulled a cigarette out of his coat pocket, putting it to his mouth and lighting it.

“See, that’s what happens.”

The End

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