Dear AKA Twidsaasgvgb

Dear Twidsaa.....(Never mind!)

I seriously feel that you should not berate yourself so much over such a liitle matter. You did the right thing by writing to me.You can simply sell your soul on e bay for 50 cents. You will be amazed by the number of people who will actually bid for it. That will take care of your fear. Then you can press the delete keys for as many times as you like.



P.S. Please forward me the contact details of the guy who buys your soul. I might just be able to sell him some junk.

Well, that is settled.

I got an equally interesting problem the other day.

Dear Marius,

I like this girl in my class. I have been trying to tell her about my feelings since a long time but have been unable to do so, because she thinks I am gay.I don't have any proof that I am not since I have never had a girlfriend before.Please help.


Troubled striaght guy.

The End

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