Dear Lay-for-an-A

    You should be old enough to realize that trading favours for something is not really that big a deal. For example, I know a middle-aged woman who is getting private tennis lessons three times a week.

    For free. Obviously, she gave the tennis pro something, even if he's not that good-looking and drives a very old car. He's not even a very good tennis player.

    The point is that it happens. It's just tit for tat.

    In your case, you'll be getting what you want, which is better grades. And all you need is to be a teacher's pet for an hour or so.

    So what? Consider yourself lucky that  you're attractive enough to make up for your stupidity.

Have a Good Time,


                                  -------         -----------

     Sometimes, I get letters that remind me of past advice. I'd like to look them up, but I never keep old letters. They'd be just a big pile of whinging and wishy-washiness.

    I had one of those this week:

Dear Marius,

     I'm an animal-lover. Yesterday, this adorable young dog came by our house in the country. He was so hungry and thirsty that I fed him, and bathed him, and let him sleep in Bobo's big, plush basket. Today, I took him to the vet, who says the dog has some kind of heart condition.

    I'd love to take care of this lost dog, but he seems to want to leave and keep going on to somewhere. He's always pawing at the door, poor thing.

   What should I do?


The End

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