Dear Anxious Girlfriend

Dear Anxious Girlfriend,

To start with, if Rich really wanted time alone with you he should have manned up and told Nick to bugger off, or just slugged him. As he hasn't, I guess there are two possible reasons for Nick constantly tagging along:

1) He is gay and Rich is the love of his life.

2) He desperately would like to be involved in a threesome with you and Rich.

To eliminate the first option, just ask him straight out, preferably in front of Rich, if he is gay. This should clear the air and make Rich aware of the problem. Also, if it turns out Nick is gay then you will have done him a favour in making Rich aware of his feelings.

If he denies being gay, then why don't you and Rich just engage in some intimacy regardless of whether Nick is there or not? Nobody likes a prude.

Best of luck,



Dear Marius,

I think I am being sexually harassed by my professor and am not sure what to do about it. I am in my first year of university and, upon doing badly on an exam, I went to talk to my prof in his office. When I raised my concerns with the exam and asked what I could do to improve my grade, he very distinctly stared at my chest, and then lower. This was exceedingly unnerving, especially since I am a guy. He then suggested private tutoring sessions with him at his home and asked me if I was legal drinking age. I know there is some board or something at the university that deals with this, but as this professor is the head of my department I am worried reporting him will result in problems with other professors. What should I do?




The End

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