Dear # 345574

Dear # 345574

First of all, how stupid can you get, tampering with people's mail and getting a prison sentence for it!? Couldn't you have used a bit of common sense and at least done it without getting caught!

Also, I am appalled that you would even be asking this kind of question. What are you trying to do? Take over my job? I doubt you would be able to give any decent advice anyway.

My advice is, just drop the idea. Your're aspiring for a career that is far too ambitious. You have to be a real professional to do this kind of job and be extremely sensitive to people's problems; that's why I'm so good at what I do. And after your ten years, it's hardly likely you're still gonna want to be an advice columnist so maybe when you come out, do something a bit more your level, like a shelf stockist in Lidls or perhaps a dustbin man.

Hope this helps



Dear Marius

I desperately need some advice! I have known this guy, Rich, from university for a year now and he just recently asked me out. He has another guy friend called Nick who he's known from school who does the same course as him. Nick spends lots of time hanging out with us, but that's the problem. Every time me and Rich want to go off together on our own, he always manages to find an excuse to come with us and tag along. He's a really nice guy, but is there any way we can tell him to allow us some alone time without hurting his feelings?


Anxious Girlfriend


The End

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