Tired in Tennessee

Dear Tired in Tennesse,


Your husband is still chasing you around the house after 41 years and you are moaning? You should be grateful he still has the energy at his time of life.  He is even prepared to take medication to be able to do this.

Obviously, you are not aging as well as your  husband and need your rest so all i can suggest is you discuss with Gus about him getting  a younger model to play with so he can be 'young at heart' while you can just relax and take things easy.


Hope this helps.


Next letter

Dear Marius, 

My boss at work has got a serious odour problem.  We have to work closely together at times and I am seriously choking at the stench.

I have tried to be sensitive about this by buying him aftershave for Christmas and constantly spraying the room.

How can I tell him without offending him and losing my job? I feel it would be easier to have my sense of smell permanently removed.



Suffering in Silence



The End

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