Dear Perturbed Pooch-lover

   Sometimes, we have to be logical with our thinking. Goodness, use your head here.

  Since a pet is around all the time and a Caribbean cruise is more of a rarity, the sick dog has to go. Just tell yourself that he's going to that Big Dog House in the Sky. And remember that once the ailing hound is gone, there will be less chance of your family catching some disease from it. Also, you don't have to spend years buying expensive medicine. It's what we call a win/win solution.

  Putting a dog down can be expensive, so I suggest you maybe take it for a drive in the country and 'forget' to bring it home.

  In its condition, chances are awfully good it won't make it home.

  You can always buy a new puppy when you return from your cruise.

  Happy Sailing,


Dear Marius,

I hope you can help me.

I've been married to Gus for forty-one years. We've been happy. Lately, he's been taking those little blue pills that make him, you know, act younger in some ways, if you know what I mean.

How do I tell him that I really don't like that part of marriage so much anymore? I mean, at our age he shouldn't be chasing me around the house all the time for 'that stuff', if you know what I mean.


Tired in Tennessee.

The End

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