Dear Mickey Spillaine Wannabe,

Yes, aspiring writer.  Go for it!  Tell your wife from me that she's being extremely selfish.  As for the Burger Wow job, why not get her to pull a few double-shifts, or better still, she could get a second job. 

Those kids of yours could all get something after school, couldn't they?  If they contribute to the household income, they'll have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped their father to achieve his dream, and I'm sure they'll be delighted when you reward them each with a complimentary copy of your first book.

Besides, just imagine how much easier it'll be to write, with all of them out from under your feet, doing their various jobs.  It's the best solution all round.

The best of luck




Dear Marius,

We have a sick dog.  He's just been diagnosed with a heart condition, and has to have a fistful of medication every morning, for the rest of his life.  He's a relatively young dog, and he's adored by the entire family.

The problem is, we have our dream-holiday booked next month - a Caribbean cruise - and I just phoned the kennels, who have refused to take him now, because of his illness.

What should I do?

Perturbed Pooch-lover

The End

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