Dear Suspicious Spouse

My goodness lady, wake up and smell the coffee.  He's catting and around.  Dump him and dump him now.  He doesn't deserve someone as trusting and innocent as you.  Empty the bank account, change the locks, and get back out there and find someone who really cares.

You need someone who is thoughtful understanding, respectful, trustworthy, and can provide emotional support for what you have been going through.  My phone number is 555-5151, but call between 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m.  Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  That is when my wife goes to have her private tennis lessons.

Again, suspicious spouse, dump him and let me be here for you.


Dear Marius,

I am thinking about leaving my six figure position as an executive with an international finance firm and become a mystery writer.  My wife thinks I am crazy with our four children still in college.  She keeps telling me that we can't live on her income as a cashier at the Burger Wow.  What should I do?

Mickey Spillaine Wannabe




The End

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