The fight.

"Dad" Avani says quietly as he begins to lash out at me screaming fowl words right into my face. He orders me to get up, I do as I'm told. "WHAT!" He eventually screams at Avani. "Th-Th- Theres a man at the door who w-w-ants to speak to you." She chokes out. " Huh, Ok, Stay there" He say quite harshly to us. He slowly makes his way down the stairs. He flings the door open. "What d'you want?" He asks gruffly and loud enough for us to hear upstairs. I scooch over a bit and pat the ground. Avani tiptoes over to me and gives me a gentle hug. "Thanks" I whisper. I peer through the banisters. Its Mr. Oakley, our neighbour whos at the door. "Who is it" Avani asks. "Mr. Oakley silly! Sure you are the one who answered the door!" I reply with a slight grin emgering on my face. Oh, No, he just said it through the door, he told me to leave the door closed, he said something like he might burst" Avani explain

                  She was dead right about the "might burst" part. My father and Mr.Oakley are yelling at each other, very loudly. Its not strange though, Mr.Oakley is Keani and Kai's father so what else would you expect, two horrible men, one room? I feel my eyes start to become heavy as i start to slip into unconcisnous . 

                   I'm awoken to the sound of glass smashing. I use all my strength to hull myself up from the ground. "Avani" I whisper as i begin to shake her. "Yeah" She grunts, still groggy from sleep. " I need to go downstairs for a minute, you stay here ok? I promise I'll only be a minute" I tell her. She gives me her look, the look of trust and dependance. Her life depends on me coming back, she wouldn't be able to fight dad.

           I creep slowly down the stair as the digusting sight meets my eyes, followed shortly by a gut wrenching smell of blood and vomit. I slowly make my way towards the back room. In there I find my father unconcious and What I assume to be Mr.Oakleys shirt after being snagged in the window on a sharp edge. There no sign of Mr.Oakley so I walk over to father. "Are you ok?" I ask. "No kiddo can you get me a hot, wet towel. "Course" I reply as I leave the room. This is how dad treats us sometimes, Like hes almost nice, be we know he could turn at any moment. We are always nice to him, otherwise, no doubt about it, We'd be dead. As I open the door to the kitchen the horrifying sight meets my eyes. Kai.

The End

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