Maritime disaster island

Ever wonder where all the lost bodies ended up?
In this story Ballari and Avani Bardot embark on the biggest adventure of their lives, they decide to bring their neighbours Kai and Keani Lona.

What will become of the four young children?

"AVANI!" My father booms. My father has never been the same since my mama passed away a few years ago. He began to abuse us severely. My friends Kai and Keani had warned us how people can change after someone dies. Their mother died when they were only 6 years old. They're twins. After a few months of rehab their father came home. They thought he would be the same. They were wrong. Very. So we were slightly prepared, as one we were at their house and their father lashed out. But we don't like to talk bout that.

           I rise to my feet and walk over to the door. I grab my un-winded  hanger and a sheet of paper. I slip the paper halfway under the door and then shove the hanger into the keyhole. *CLING!* "Phew" I breath as I fall against the wall. I pull back the sheet and grab the key off it. I put the key into the hole and turn it slowly. I quietly etch the door open. I peer out and the horrible sight that  I will never get used to meets my eyes again. Avani lying on the floor, Bleeding, my father standing over her with his belt in his hand. He turns around. He catches me in the corner of his eye.

             "Please stop" My raspy voice croaks. "Oh, Ballari, I've just begun!" My father replies cheerily. Avani is sitting here watching this all unfold. This is too much for a 13 year old to go through, never mind a 7 year old. "AVANI!" My father bellows, "Bring me the poker, Heated". I see the look of despair in her eyes. The last thing she wants is to get it, But she knows if she doesn't he'll hurt her. "Go" I mouth to her, "Quickly". "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!" Father yells. This startles Avani. She slowly gets off the chair and heads downstairs.

                 By the time Avani has returned my vision is blurred and hazy. My head is a mess. I feel myself starting to drift off, this is by far the worst beating I have ever received, and its not nearly over. "Here father" Avani whispers handing him the poker. My father studies the instrument for awhile before he makes a move. After five minutes he stops. "Done?" I ask croakily. "Oh, not at all, the worst is yet to come" He replies

The End

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