Authors Note before continuing...Mature


Hello everyone, I'm back and beginning writing again. With that I need you to know something about this specific story before I continue. Soldier's Duty, Now renamed Marine's Duty was a project that I started when I was a young 17-18 year old civilian with about as much knowledge of the marine corps as I could get from books, movies, television, and magazines. 

It was my motivated pet project to break into the world of writing and can be attributed to how I came to meet so many great authors here and got to co-write so many amazing and wild stories. On Sep. 6, 2011, I went to boot camp. On December 2, I graduated. I also went through MCT (Marine Combat Training) and am now finishing up my year long worth of schooling to be an Avionics Tech for the Marine Corps. 

That being said my details in the begining while as acurate as I could get them at the time may still not hold completely true as I have experience the Marine Corps in the time I've been in. Some details might change but I promise none of them should break the story or flow to harshly (if they do please let me know and I will see what I can do to fix or work around the problem). In fact my experience will enhance this tale to make it as accurate as I can with respect to the marine corps...combat on the other hand is speculative (as I have not currently deployed) and is only based off my imagination and by talking with fellow marines who have been overseas... 

Thank you for understanding I should be posting a new chapter within the week... So get pumped! This story has life once more! 

From Author- Anna Devlin

The End

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