Marines' Duty Ch. 9Mature

0557 hrs...

The Master Gunnery Sgt. shook his head as he paced behind his desk, obviously pissed off. Kujo leaned against the bulkhead, sneering at me. His face scrunched like a pug that had been kicked a few too many times in the face. After a few minutes Master Gunnery Sgt.stopped and just stared expectantly at me, knowing that I had lied the previous night. I just returned a dull stare and kept my jaw locked. 

"Corporal I don't know if you've noticed but on base we don't just go and run our OFP, there is a chain of command. That includes me," Master Gunnery Sgt.pointed to himself  the to the Captain "and Captain Kujo." He sighed, Master Gunnery Sgt. may have been both literally and figuratively a Dick, but I knew Kujo was worse, the man was out for blood. Master Gunnery Sgt. steepled his hands on his desk and looked intently at me. 

"Listen Corporal Micahart, I'm going to give you one last chance to tell me the truth. Who was that unsanctioned party really for?"  I answered with no hesitation

"It was for me, as I said last night sir. Celebrating my girlfriend leaving me." I shrugged and added "I'm a single man again." I made no motion of nervousness or anything to make me look like I was lying. The last thing I would go down for, was being a blue falcon. Master Gunnery Sgt.'s heavy eyes fell closed as he rubbed his temples. Kujo saw his moment and took it stepping forward and thrusting a meaty finger at me. 

"You're lying Corporal! I know. You and Walsh are a disgrace to Marines cause you think your so shit hot! I'm growing sick of your insubordination." There it was, Kujo had just dropped the dime in front of me and there was no way in hell I wasn't going to retaliate.

"Sergeant," was all I said. Kujo's eyebrow twitched as the Master Gunnery Sgt. gave me a questioning look.

"Walsh is a Sergeant, you didn't acknowledge his rank, sir." Kujo's face was livid, growing red, I expected his face to burst at any moment. Master Gunnery Sgt. stifled a chuckle, grinning at the retort. While most of us may have hated the Master Gunnery Sgt., there was one thing we all had in common with the man, we hated the officers. Especially ones like Kujo.  

"You insubordinate-" Kujo began to snarl, spittle flying from his lips.

"Sir, If I may make a suggestion?" Master Gunnery Sgt. cut in. Kujo snapped immediately to the him, anger flashing behind his beady eyes. 

"I suggest we assign Corporal Micahart to chores and extra patrols. Maybe have him help the armorer clean all the Ma Deuces and other weapons?" Kujo's jowls shut as he pondered the idea, inwardly I smiled. To an officer those tasks sound like hell, to a grunt, a real soldier...we ate those tasks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eventually the busted wheels in the captains head began to grind and spark.

"Excellent suggestion Master Gunnery Sgt.!" Kujo half leered at me. "You heard him Corporal, from O' Dark 30 to 0800 I want you on morning patrol. That's with Alpha squad. When you return, you'll get chow and go out on afternoon patrol with your squad. After returning to base you'll stick with the armorer and help him till 2100 hours. That punishment will start tomorrow and will stay in place for two weeks, Clear?"

I nodded. "Aye, Aye, Sir Kujo." Both the Master Gunnery Sgt.and Kujo seemed satisfied.

"Dismissed." Kujo said, I stood from the uncomfortable chair and walked out, hearing Captain Kujo shout after me.

"No smokin' and jokin' either Corporal!" I grinned, sarcastically whispering an Aye, sir under my breath and heading to the chow hall. Walsh was going to laugh his ass off when he heard what the "all knowing"  Captain Kujo had punished me with. 

At the Chow Hall...

"You've got to be joking?" Thane gaped. After grabbing chow and sitting with my squad, I spilled the whole story to them. All their eyes widened to the size of half dollars. I shook my head, taking a bite from my turkey sandwich. Walsh slammed his hand on the table laughing hysterically. 

"So Kujo thinks giving you patrol duty and weapons work is punishment?! What a POG!" Bishop just watched us all, a bit confused. 

"I don't get what's so aweful about Captain Kujo..." he said trailing off in a soft voice. I looked to the Lance Corporal, shocked that he hadn't seen Kujo in action. Then I thought about it, Bishop hadn't been at the party, after set-up he split. 

"Let me set you straight about the," Walsh made finger quotes in the air and sarcastically spoke"snarling and vicious Captain Kujo. This man thinks he's some tight shit walking here clean as a babies ass while we're covered in donkey dung. He thinks he can come to our base and just take control like that!" Walsh snapped his fingers. 

"He believes he owns us, like we're his personal attack dog to let out and swat with a newspaper when he feels like it. Wrong, we've been in country for two months. We know how the enemy acts, where they like to hide, and where they like to ambush at. We know this dirt hole like our own home town, most of us are fluent in Arabic too. I'm dead sure Kujo couldn't even pronounce this towns name, let alone command the Marines who are supposed to be keeping the peace!" Bishop pondered Walsh's speech and nodded. 

"You want him off base and out of country?" Bishop said with a sly grin. Thane, Walsh, and I all looked to each other then to the Lance Corporal. 

"How?" I asked suspiciously. A sinister grin grew over Bishop's face. 

"Oh we'll give him a nudge, make him see Iraq just ain't his place. Sergeant Walsh, you're gonna' have to use some connections with the main COC in Fallujah. If Kujo really wants to rule this place, let's give him a friendly tour of our town."  

The End

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