Marines' Duty Ch. 7Mature

Two weeks Later...

"Hello, Laura? Hello!" Walsh's voice raised louder, his wife on the other end of the line. "Laura, hey honey it's great to hear from you! How are you doing?" Walsh paused, the phone in one ear and a finger in the other as he listened intently. Walsh's features fell slack and his eyes widened. A small smile grew on his face, tears dripping from his eyes. 

"That's...That's wonderful. Oh I can't wait to get home and see! Send me a picture dear, no lots of pictures. Video if you can! Walsh glanced to me as I waited for the phone and gave me a big, childish grin. "Yep, alright. Take care, tell everyone back home that I love them. Uh-huh love you to baby, so much." Walsh seemed reluctant to leave his wife. "Ok bye." Slowly he replaced the phone in it's rocker and leaned against the wall, sliding down it till he sat on the floor. I moved and crouched next to him.

"Sergeant, you alright?" he seemed half crazy, it was the most excited I had ever seen him. Walsh nodded and looked me in the eyes. 

"Micahart...I'm...I'm," he seemed at a loss for words. I opened my mouth to ask but he cut me off. 

"I'm gonna be a father!" he exclaimed over joyously. We both laughed as I gave him a light punch to the shoulder.

"Congratulations Walsh! Boy or Girl?" I picked Walsh up and we headed for the tent to tell Thane. 

"A little Girl is what the doctors say, but we won't know till my wife delivers. It's gonna be about eight months, and I'll be home by then!" I grinned, this would definitely help our squads moral. Walsh and I headed down the main road, passing other soldiers and vehicles.

"Uh-oh," I muttered under my breath. Walsh followed my line of sight and groaned, Captain Kujo was headed straight for us. "I knew something was gonna be a killjoy." The Captain still hadn't gotten us back for the incident at the gate and he was hankering for some reparations. 

"I'm surprised it wasn't Master Gunnery Sgt. Dick," Walsh replied in a quick whisper as Kujo grew close. 

"Sergeant! Corporal! AT ATTENTION!" Kujo growled. Walsh and I snapped to attention, holding still. Kujo stuck his pug-like face right up next to ours and eyed us sourly. "What the fuck are you Marines doing? Especially when your not holding to the grooming standard!" I wanted to roll my eyes, just cause we didn't have our cammie shirts tucked in, really Captain Kujo? 

"You two, Marines, you disgust me!" I could tell that Kujo wanted to beat us to death but he couldn't. "Tuck in your blouses and get the hell out of my sights before I NJP both of you!" Walsh and I turned to our tent and walked calmly away. We were not going to dignify Kujo with fear, there was more to fear in the world than a stuck up Captain. When we were out of earshot of Kujo, Walsh began let out a chuckle. 

"That guy has some issues," I commented opening the tent door. Walsh nodded then instantly stopped. When I walked to his side, I noticed what had stopped Walsh in his tracks. A young soldier stood in the middle of the tent holding his pack and gear. Thane and the new kid had been talking, but stopped when they noticed Walsh.

"Who are you?" Walsh asked with a slight edge in his voice. The new kid peered back at us through a pair of glasses. 

"I'm Bishop sir, Lance Corporal Bishop. Master Gunnery Sgt.assigned me to your squad sir. I looked the kid up and down. He had blonde, almost white, hair and deep green eyes. 

"You can set your stuff down there," Walsh said pointing to Lake's old rack. Bishop turned and placed his gear down. As I sat on my own rack I heard Walsh whisper to himself. "Welcome to Bravo Squad."

Looking to Thane and Bishop, a smile reappeared on his face. "Well boys I have amazing news!" Thane raised an eyebrow at Walsh, wondering if some juvenile prank would ensue. Bishop just stood, confused but not wanting to look dim. 

"What?" Bishop inquired, removing his SAPI plates and other armor, leaving on only his desert cammies. 

"I'm glad you asked Bishop!" Walsh paused for dramatic effect. "I'm going to be a father!" The tent was silent before Thane and Bishop broke into whoops and cheers. I whistled a Ditty to accompany the praise. 

"That's great Walsh!" Thane said in between the revelry. 

"I think this calls for celebration!" Bishop added. I nodded in agreement. Walsh held his hands up, silencing us all. 

"Thane, go get Alpha squad. Bishop, get Charlie squad. Micahart, you're with me, we're getting Motor-T to clear some space and getting some chow. We're gonna have a big celebration!"

The End

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