Marines' Duty Ch. 2Mature


“Micahart? Hey lazy ass, wakeup!” I felt a sharp kick land in my side that caused me to topple off my cot. My eyes shot open to the snickers of my fellow squad mates. A glare from me quickly silenced them.

“What time is it?” I drawled, half awake. Corporal Thane checked his wrist watch and grimaced.

“0530,” he sighed. I rolled my eyes, grabbed my M16, and stood. Sergeant Walsh gave me a look that said, you look like hell. I chuckled and tucked my free hanging dog tags under my camies. When Walsh, Thane, Lakes, and I were ready we headed out of the makeshift barracks. The second we stepped outside, heat struck our face like being shoved into an oven.

“Just ‘nother day in the suck, eh?” Lakes scoffed. He was the newest addition to our squad, only being a PFC.  Walsh led all of us to the chow hall. It was deserted all except for the night patrol, who had just returned to base. Their heavy eyes met us with a chilling silence, something was wrong. I took charge and headed to the cart and grabbed a plate of chow. The soft whispers of Sergeant Walsh to the other squad’s leader was the only noise that broke the stagnant silence

(Sorry this is short, at the time I wasn't sure about continuing the story. But I did so read on and enjoy! )

The End

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