Sweet Nightmares

Sleep is strange. The swirling colors and darkness to which we succumb sometimes completely undecipherable, with no meaning or understandable message. But some dreams are different, some with meanings and messages so easy to understand, the meaning is what frightens us most. So my dreams were that night.

I was walking on water. The water swirled against my ankles, a salt breeze whipping my fiery red hair back, swirling like a maelstrom around my face. The water changed, calm, then rippling, gradually becoming more and more unstable around me, until the waves were crashing above the height of my head, threatening to crush me between them.

I ran, dodging the waves. They were patterned, but the wind and rain blinded me, the salt stinging my eyes. Suddenly, a wall of water crashed into me from the side. I was born deep into the sea, struggling against the unrelenting grip of the currents. My eyesight began to fade.

Faces swam before my eyes, Amii, Darren, Captain Argon, the Duke, my father. I woke in cold sweat. Before I knew it, the dreams claimed me again.

It was the same dream. I awoke from the swirling blackness, lying on a bed of coral. I could taste the water as it rushed through my lungs, the most beautiful flavor in the world. Hovering over me was an unfamiliar face. A woman's face, framed by dark hair. She smiled once, and then was gone, leaving a musical voice behind her.

Awake, sister, there is much you must learn.

Suddenly I was snatched up in an unrelenting flow of water, and thrown to the surface, arcing high into the air and crashing onto the deck.

From my mouth rolled a familiar black pearl.

I sat bolt upright in bed, breathing hard, blinded by sunlight coming through the porthole of my cabin. Looking around, I saw I was in my bed. A dream, I informed myself. I looked towards the dresser in the corner across from the bed and swung around so my feet hit the cold wood floor.

Padding over to the dresser, I opened the top drawer and took out a simple wooden box with an iron latch. I flicked it open with the hand that wasn't caught in a cast and took the black pearl in my hand. I rubbed it gently with my thumb.

What does it mean?


Darren looked out over the deep blue sea. The rising sun sent shimmering rays over the water. The wind was slow, infuriatingly so, sending them at what seemed a snail's pace across the water.

The sea breeze whipped against his face, whispering through his hair. He could almost make out the words of the air's mysterious song. And then suddenly, he could.

They come, the whisper came.

Darren whipped around, running to the other side of the ship. Far in the distance, a black speck showed itself on the horizon.

They're gaining, the voice informed him, and then faded away.

He stared wildly at what he knew to be a ship. The ship. The Eagle.

"Marina," he said quietly, his hands gripping tightly to the rail so his knuckles whitened. "What have we done?" He ran towards were Captain Argon stood at the wheel, just as the lookout spotted what he had been about to report.

"A ship, Captain!" he hollered. "To the starboard side!"


I heard the yell, just coming out of my cabin, having struggled into a loose fitting shirt that didn't pull on my still-aching arm.

"A ship?" I asked out loud, looking around at the ocean. I could see nothing, but in that moment, I was half-tackled from the side by Darren. He slowed himself and steadied me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yes, a ship," he answered me, though I hadn't really been asking anyone, his eyes serious.

I studied his gaze, not understanding. "What's wrong?"

He took a deep breath and pulled me closer to him, burying his face in my hair.

"I have reason to believe it's The Eagle. They're gaining."

I remembered what he'd said about The Eagle. That it was captained by a crew of pirates. Bloodthirsty pirates... and thier target? Was me.

The End

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