The Pirate's Galleon

I half ran, and was half dragged and carried by Darren as we ran down to the harbour. The ship was repaired, and was already being prepared to set sail. Finally Darren just stopped and swept me up in his arms, sprinting up to the ship. He helped me onto the deck. In scarcely minutes we were off.

Darren pulled me close and kissed me before bolting off to help with something or other, and Captain Argon yelled something and ran for the helm. The ship was lurching out into the sea. I barely heard the creaking of the rigging as we swung about. A strange fog settled over me. I looked back at the land we were leaving, fear twisting in my gut.

The danger is in the sea... why are we going into it? I heard someone yell and Darren came back. I felt dazed. I didn't understand. I could see his lips moving, but I could hear no sound coming out of his mouth. He looked frantic. He picked me up again and took me to my cabin, closing the door behind us. The sound of the ship and the yells faded behind the walls, and he placed me on my bed, sitting on the edge beside me.

"Shhh," he whispered. "I know you're confused." His tone was so soft. I got lost in it.

"We have to go out to sea. We would never get you far enough in land in time. We're going somewhere safe. Trust me."

I took his hand. "How do you expect me to trust you when I know so little about you?" I asked, pouting. The fog was fading. I really did trust him, illogicaly or not.

He chuckled and brushed my long red hair out of my eyes. "I am not who you think I am," he said mysteriously, leaning to kiss me. I placed my fingers on his lips before they could touch mine and shook my head. Our gazes met, and he understood. Not now, when I was weak and there was no one to keep us pure, when we were both so susceptible to eachother. He kissed my forehead instead.

"Rest for a bit," he said, gently squeezing the hand on my unbroken arm. "I'll come get you later." He let his hand linger and then slid away and out the door. I lay there for a while, a soft smile on my face. A soft song, the lullaby he had song to me in the hospital drifted into my head, and I slipped into dreams as easily as a knife into butter.


The End

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