Fear Heals

I woke to see Captain Argon barging through the door, making about the same ammount of noise as a rampaging elephant. he had a wild look in his eyes, adn he clutched a scroll of parchment in his hand. Darren stood and caught his arm, which Captian was waving around wildly.

"Slow down! What is it?!" he asked. The Captain stopped and took a deep breath.

"Read this," he said, handing Darren the scroll. The expression on his face grew steadily darker as he read it, and then he handed it wordlessly to me.

My breath caught in my throat as i read the words.

"Darren..." I whispered. "We need to leave, and soon."

He looked worried. "Marina, we can't. Your arm isn't healed yet."

"I can travel with a broken arm. Or would you rather have me killed by pirates?" he tried to cut in but I spoke first.

"What if they're working for the Duke? Do you want me kidnapped and forcibly married off to him?" That silenced him, but he sat down at my side and took my hand.

"Where will we go? The ship is not yet fixed."

Captain answered. "It'll be ready t'morrow morning. I'll pay for more workers."

I looked up gratefully. "Thank you." He smiled back.

"I don't give up on me crew," he said, winking. Then he strode out the door.

I sturggeld to sit up, wincing as my arm moved slightly.

"I knew it!" Darren whispered. "You aren't nearly healed enough to go anywhere."

"I can deal with a little bit of pain, Darren. I'm tougher than I look."

"What am I going to do with you?" he said, squeezing my hand.

"You'll get used to it."

He rolled his eyes. "I'm going to have to. I love you no matter how much trouble you get into."

"I think I used too much energy trying to convince you," I said, wincing as my arm moved again.

"Go back to sleep. If we're leaving tomorrow you're going to need your rest."

I closed my eyes and yawned. "But I just woke up..."

The doctor came in holding a tray. "seeing as you're awake, drink some of this broth. I heard you're leaving tomorrow." He looked disapproving.

'It seems I don't have much choice."

"Well then, we'll have to put on a sturdier cast. You just eat this and go back to sleep." I obediently sipped the broth, and, feeling warm and comfortable despite the knowledge I was being chased by pirates, fell fast asleep, listening to Darren hum a haunting tune that sounded like a lulaby. It probably was, to tell you the truth, but I was too tired to care.

The End

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