Marina's Mermaid

Marina is a gorgeous sixteen year old girl with an intense love of the sea. then, a suitor comes to her father and asks for her hand. The man is horrible, and to escape him, Marina runs away, and sets out on an adventure that is much more mysterious than she ever anticipated. The magic of the world, once hidden from her, reveals itself, and she is allowed to be what she has always wanted to be and to love as she wasd never before allowed ot love.. But in the three days she is permitted to explor

Call me weird. Call me crazy, but here I was, standing at the very edge of a rocky cliff, arms stretched out as I inhaled the fragrant ocean wind. My long red hair roiled like the waves that crashed against the jagged rocks below, and I closed my eyes, savouring the unstopped energy that filled my soul. I loved the sea.

I brought my arms slowly to my sides, opening my eyes and viewing the bright rays of sunlight that reflected off the deep water. How I longed to throw myself into that water and never have to surface, to just swim and never have to stop. How I wanted to believe the stories of maidens turned into mermaids. To me, mermaids were my kindred spirits, and I was jealous of how they got to experience so much when I was forced to stay chained to the shore.

"Back again, Marina?" the voice startled me so much that I jumped and nearly toppled over the edge of the cliff, but a calloused hand gripped my arm and pulled me back to safety. I turned, about to say a few things that would have been very inappropiate for a lady, when I realized who it was. I relaxed.

"Oh, hi, Darren," I said, sighing.

"Sorry to startle you like that. Your mother asked me to come find you." Darren was the dark haired farm-hand who worked for my father. I had never admitted that I had always been extremely attracted to him, but I think he guessed. He never brought the subject up though, for which I was grateful. There were quite a few things that brought me to like him. For one, he had the most dreamy blue eyes I'd ever seen, and his face was handsome, all of his features, according to me, perfectly shaped and porportioned.

Another thing that I had never told anyone was that I had once seen him without his shirt on. I had been climbing trees in my father's orchards and I hid in the leaves. Being hot and sweaty from a day of hard work, Darren had taken off his shirt and was talking in his deep reassuring voice to another farm hand. I blushed furociously when I saw him, but the one thing I thought about him was that he had really hot abs.

"It's okay," I answered, trying valiantly not to blush, and failing. "What does my mother need?"

"Apparently there's someone here to see you." something dark entered his tone, but the lack of expresison in his eyes could only mean that something was wrong.


"I don't know his name. But he owns a lot of property a few miles from here. He seems very interested in you."

I gasped. He couldn't mean what I thought he meant. "A suitor?" Darren nodded. "But I'm only sixteen!" I cried.

"You're of marriagable age," Darren replied, and I saw the pity in his eyes, and also a hint of something else I couldn't decipher. Then he turned and strode away, leaving me feeling extremely sorry for myself. I collected my resolve and followed him less than a minute later.

My light blue dress whipped gently around my ankles as I ran towards the mansion where my family lived. I slowed as I neared it, holding back a torrent of tears.

It can't be... My father wouldn't do this to me. But I wasn't at all sure what my father would do. I'd never been close to my father... I slid silently through the front gate and up to the house. A servant greeted me at the door.

"You're supposed to go to the parlor," she whispered. I nodded my thanks and went.

The second I stepped through the door, my insides went cold.

The man sitting across from my father gazed at me. His eyes were dark, almost black, and he wore silk pants and shirt. His features were pointed, even his ears, and his gaze pierced me with a look I deifnitely did not like the feel of. I gave him an uncertain smile.

My dad looked up and smiled wider.

"Ah, you've arrived," he said. "Marina, I'd like you to meet the Duke of Caltiber. He's asked to marry you."

A cold dagger sliced through my heart.

The End

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