Marie's Unique Experience

This is a story about a girl called Marie Georgia Chen. One day, Marie's friend called Christene Maloney tells Marie that Marie murdered her...

After finishing my history homework, I was so sleepy that I couldn’t even think about anything. So I rushed upstairs to my room and went to sleep.


 While I was dreaming about my family’s visit to Gold Coast, I heard a weird sound.  


“Aaaaaa……aaaaaa……aaaaaa……aaaaaa…..” It sounded like someone’s crying. So I opened the window in my room to check if anything is going on outside.


 “Help me, help me, help me, help...!” Somebody was shouting for help. Then, I felt someone touching my shoulder. I could hear my heartbeat.


 “Who…Who…Who are you?” I said, softly. When I looked back to see who’s behind me, something VERY surprising happened. Someone who touched my shoulder was a GHOST! A GHOST!!


When I realized that there was a ghost behind me, I screamed, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It’s JUST A NIGHTMARE…Just a nightmare…It can’t be true…It can’t be…TRUE!! There’s no such thing as GHOST!! Must be a dream…a nightmare.”


I just decided to believe that there’s nothing like a ghost in the world. I just went back to my bedroom to sleep.


 When I went into my bedroom and closed my eyes, I could hear that ghostly voice again. It said, “Marie…Marie…Marie…”


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Help! Help! Help! Who…who are you? Who are you? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I screamed.


 ‘It’s just a nightmare…yeah…nightmare. Just relax, relax…’ I tried to calm myself down. But I was hearing the ghostly sound AGAIN.


 It said, “You really don’t know me? I’m Christene, your best friend. Think about what you did to me today…you should be feeling guilty now. You murdered me today.”


 “W, what a, a, a, are you talking about? I didn’t kill you? We just argued today. I, I, I, I didn’t kill you. I, I, I’m not a murderer.” I said.


 “Well…I remember every single thing that happened today. After arguing with me, you told me to follow you to the bathroom. In the bathroom, you killed me with a knife. Can’t you remember that? Now, my parents are desperate. They lost hope after losing me, the only child they had. Stop lying. You know better about this situation than I do, because I’m already dead. Who you are talking to is a ghost.” A ghost (Christene ghost) said. Its voice sounded very serious.


 “But I’m telling the truth, Chris (that’s how I used to call Christene).”


 “I don’t think I can forgive you until you do something for my parents. You murdered me, so you should do something for murdering me.” Christene said.


 “P, p, please, Chris!” I yelled at Christene.


 “Ding-dong, ding-dong” I heard a doorbell.


 “Chris, wait for me here. I’ll be back in a sec. Believe me.” I said.


“Marie, I’m Christene’s mom. I have something to ask you.” It was Marie’s mom.


“Uh…sure, Mrs. Maloney.” I said, opening the door.


 “I, I know what you are going to talk about. I, I’m very sorry about the murder. I really can’t remember.” I said.


I didn’t know why, but Mrs. Maloney looked confused.


“What are you talking about? Who murdered who? Mrs. Maloney said.


 I heard somebody running downstairs.


 “Mom, Marie is just talking about the story she read yesterday.” It was Christene who came down from upstairs. And she was not dead.


 “Chris, didn’t you just say that I murdered you? You said you are dead.” I said. I was totally confused.


 “Christene Joanne Maloney! So you lied to your best friend that she murdered you? I can’t believe what you did to Marie. I’m totally embarrassed! I’m now very disappointed.” Mrs. Maloney yelled at Christene.


 “It’s all because of Marie! I told her to be my partner in English class, but she said no! She was with Susan (Christene’s enemy)!” Christene said. She was staring at me.


 “But Mrs. Maloney, Susan didn’t have a partner in English class so I felt very sorry for her. Do you think I deserve Chris’ revenge, ma’am?” I said to Mrs. Maloney.


 “No, not at all. I’m sorry about what my daughter did to you today.” Mrs. Maloney said.


 “And you, Christene, say sorry to Marie.” Mrs. Maloney said in a strict voice.


 “Sorry, Marie. I was selfish and mean to you this time. I apologize. So can we please be good friends again?” Christene sounded very sincere.


 After Christene’s apologize, Christene and I became good friends again. And we promised that we won’t fight, or argue again.

The End

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