Maria Gordon

The noise of the classroom didn't die down when the temp teacher walked in. Paper aeroplames whizzeed about the room, some floating lazily to desks with pictures or notes, others out of the open window, others towards the ill-fated temp.

Greg Fermat exuded confidence, laughing loudly at his friends' capers. He was surrounded by a gagle of giggling girls and a group of guys that all wanted to impress him -  to be like him in some way or another. He watched as the Temp made her way to the old desk at the front of the class. She shuffled around a few sheets of paper as she looked for the chalk or the register or...something. His elegantly arched, dark brows furrowed slightly as he watched her.

"What's she looking for?" He heard one of the lads ask. Greg shrugged.

Whatever it was, she must've found it because she stopped looking and turned to the board, her back to the rowdy class, and wrote 'Miss Faraday'. The plain, black letters stood out starkly against the smooth, shiney whiteness of the board.

She turned back to the class and smoothed out her freshly ironed grey pencil skirt against her thighs.

"M-my..." She began quietly. Clearing her throat, she took a deep breath and stood straighter. "My name is Miss Faraday. I'm here to-"

"In here." A stern voice boomed as the classroom door swung and crashed against the wall. The class' clamouring ceased immediately as the headmistress of Fernswell High strode into the room, closely followed by a raven haired young lady.

Greg shifted in his seat as the girl's gaze swept the room, unfraid and unintimidated. She was gorgeous. The hostility emanating from the girls around Greg was almost permeable.

Georgiana Black thrust the girl forward as if she were equally irritated by the girl's looks and the stares she was getting from the boys in the class.

"Oh my goodness..." Greg heard one of the girls close to him whisper. "She's beautiful..."It wasn't jealousy in her voice, it sounded more like awe - as if the girl had wandered out of a painting by one of the old masters.

Mrs Black turned to the temp, looking her up and down - lips pursed in distaste, then looked back to the silent class.

"This is Maria Gordon. She will be joining this form class as of today. I expect you all to give her a warm welcome and -"

!I'm honoured to be here. I've never been to a school before, so I'm hoping that it will be as enjoyable as I've always dreamed."

Everyone sat, dumbfounded, even Greg at the girl's daring. Nobody interrupted Mrs Black. Ever. No mater how pressing your need was, her's was always greater. To add to everyone's surprise Mrs Black merely nodded once.

"I can see that you will fit in perfectly, Maria." She said, sarcasm sprinkling her voice.

"I'm sure I will, Mrs Black, you've ben awfully kind to me." Maria replied sweetly, smiling at the tyranical Headmistress. She had a high, musical voice that seemed to mesmerize the class. Her clear, sparkling blue eyeswere wide with anticipation and her raven-black, waist-length hair looked luxuriously soft.

Greg glanced quickly around at the seating arrangements of the class and made a snap decision.

"Em!" He whispered suddenly to the girl who shared his desk. She was a vain blonde girl who wasn't good at conversation. "Emiline!"

"Wha-?" She asked dumbly.

"Move, give her your seat." He whispered harshly.

The End

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