A girl who lost her mother grows up to find out she can control 1 of the 4 elements. fire water earth and sky. one day her father calls her name and she and he friend must leave and never come back. but people are after them after they leave and its up to them to stop them before they become uner their control.

                   I am who i am. I wouldnt change for anyone. Not even my true. My life is worthless. I follow my ancestors for what they were. They could control the elements. Fire, water, earth, and sky. but out of them all fire is rare. And fire is what i possess.

                   Im only 17. A girl with long black hair that flows past my waist, and red eyes to see the beast within me. i am, and will always remain a monster. i am Maria.

                   I live in the woods on the outskirts of of a small village of raining Cloud. My father, who is the last one in my family, lives on the edge of town farthest from the river. my mother died when i was born. i was kinda glad. My father explained that she was a stuck up bitch. But even hearing him say that, I still hate him.

                  My only friend is Logan. He is the only one i can trust, for he knows my secret, and i know his. Hes just like me. He holds a monster within. He can use water style, which comes in handy if i give way. My fire is still very uncontrolled. If im not careful, i could burn the whole village, or worst, my home. The treehouse i share with nature.

                   Logan is the only person who acctually cares about me. Hes not only my friend. Hes like my brother. He saved my life. when i was 3, I set part of the woodson fire. there was a ring of fire surrounding surrounded me, burning the trees. I was crying. I was scared, holding on to the tree with all my might. Then a wave of water swept across the ground, shaking the tree, and putting out the fire. The impact of the water hitting the tree knocked me down. I fell into the cold water. It was deep and i couldnt swim.

                    I couldnt stay above the water. everytime i gasped for air, water rushed in. i started going under when the water slammed me into a tree, and i fell unconscience. It was night time when i finally woke up to see that i was wrapped in a blanket by an open fire. His arms were around me i felt safe and warm.

                    He took me home that night. I woke in the morning to see him staring at me. I swore to him then i would repay him for saving my life. I've never returned the promise yet, but one day i will. I never back down on my word.





The End

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