Mare x MavenMature

A fan fiction on The Glass Sword and The Red Queen

 Screeeeech, clang!! Another day in the dungeon, thought Mare as she lay on the bed. She didn’t even open her eyes as this was just another routine for her now daily life.

I wonder what he’ll ask me today.

But today was different, today there was only one set of footsteps, and staggering ones at that. She still wouldn’t open her eyes even though the footsteps aroused her curiosity, she would not allow him the satisfaction of seeing her curious.

Instead she sang just as she did every day, “Always Red, Always Red, Never dead, Never dead. Always Silver, Always Silver, Never killed her, Never killed her.”

Today however not only was her song interrupted by a lonely sob but also by the jangle of keys in her cell door. Hearing the keys turn the lock she bolted upright and was stunned by what she saw.

Maven, the person she once looked up to, the person who once loved her, the person who she once loved. He was sobbing, his silken, coronation cloak torn and dirty from being dragged along the dirt floor. He didn’t cry when she left vowing never to return, he didn’t cry when he watched his brother be forced to decapitate his father, he didn’t even cry when she killed his mother, Queen Elara, the mastermind of the plan to steal the throne. Queen Elara, who took over his brother's body and killed his father. The woman who banished Mare and Cal.

Maven had been through so much and never, ever shed a tear. And look at him now, it was like he knew the end of the world was in 2 minutes and he couldn’t do anything to make it stop. This awoke her lover's instincts... or something like that.

Swinging her legs off what could be called her bed she rushed forward to catch him in her arms as he fell through the now open doorway, unable to keep his balance. Or at least, she tried to catch him with her arms. Instead she caught him with her body.

They fell to the floor together and he clung to her like a child, with his hands balled into fists, grabbing the fabric around her breasts and badly stifling the cries into her chest. Not knowing what to do she stayed still then tentatively reached up to stroke his hair thinking that might calm him down.

Mare reached up and touched his hair but she soon froze as he tensed up under her touch. She soon realized that he was afraid of rejection the only reason he had left and betrayed her was his mother, and she was dead now.

She clutched at him, then sat up so she could whisper in his ear, “You’re safe here, Maven. I’ll keep you safe. I promise.”

She slowly ran her hand down the back of his head, feeling his soft hair one more time. When she finished speaking she could feel him smile and shake with relief. Maven mumbled into her chest.

“What Maven? You need to speak up, I can’t hear you when you mumble like that.” When she finished he slowly took his face out of her bosom and looked up at her with an expression like reluctant hope.

“I was wondering if you could say again that you would keep me safe ." 

At this Mare looked at the boy clinging to her and felt something tug at her heart.

"I'll keep you safe. No one will threaten you ever again while I'm alive." 

His eyes crinkled in an expression of happiness before the laughter leaked out like a broken dam. Still chuckling he wiped away his tears and said, “You don't even know what I'm crying about. But I know you'll do anything once you make a promise. You're still the  same that way, Mare. Same loveable Mare.”

Putting his bone-white face back into her chest he whispered, " I never stopped loving you. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to save you back then. I'm sorry, I'm sooo sooorrrrrryy!" ,crying like a little child he was unable to continue his tear filled 'I'm sorry.'

"Hush Maven. You have nothing to be sorry for. I know it was your mother in your head, your mother tainted your mind, took you away, made me a demon in your eyes. I'm sorry I killed her, for you, but I don't regret that she's dead now because now your safe from her...and from me too."

The End

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