Marcy and IMature

This is just a story that involves Marcy and Me. This is in script format though so don't get surprised ... If you don't know who Marcy is then you should read my other story called, "Slenderman Parody" Which is

It begins with me waking up on the couch from my nap during the day appearing to be nightime. I am in my house. Once I woke up little Marcy Mar was on top of me.

Marcy: Hi Broder.

Me: ... How did you get in?

Marcy: The chimney.

Me: I don't have a chimney.

Marcy: Oh... You do now you fegget.

By the way. We curse at each other just for the fun of it. We both know we don't mean in so we just do it for fun and stuff.

We both look and it appears to be a hole on the ceiling.

Me: Marcy, that's just a whole on a wall. Just the right size for mine.

Marcy: Oh... "looks at me" You have a hole on a wall now. It was also milk dripping from it.

Me: 0_0...

Marcy: It was all slimy and stuff.

Me: "sighs and gets up then lifts her up as I stood up on my feet" From the hole?

Marcy: Hm?

Me: ... I can never be mad at you.

Marcy: "hugs me" Broder!

Me: Why are you a creepypasta? Your too cute and adorable and innocent.

Marcy: You never seen me on my bad side Daddy!

Me: Oh ok Daughter! I guess I'll see on you period!

Marcy: No! It's my horny phase you lazy bitch!

Me: Oh Ok!

Marcy: Now come at get some you hairy caveman!

Me: How bout no! We're on T.V!

Marcy: How Bout I suck you dick off!

Me: What?

Marcy: Nothing!

Me: Ooookaaaaay I'm gonna goooooo.

Marcy: Doors are locked theres no escape until you make me lose it all.

Me: Uh, it's my doors. I don't need a key. "walks to the door and fails to open it" WTF!?

Marcy: "smiles brightly" C'mon Julius!

Me: Fuck you!

Marcy: The doors and windows are locked up with 5 inches of steel. No way you are leaving until I'm done with you.

Me: "sighs" Lets just get this over with.

Marcy: "gasps loudly" Really!?

Me: "takes my shirt off" I'm so done with you.

Marcy: Don't worry. I can shapeshift my age back and forth. "turns 21"

Me: Uhhhhh why so old? I'm 15.

Marcy: Fine then. I will become 15 as well. "turns 15"

Me: Yea what? Ok?

Marcy: With big items!

Me: Better?

Marcy: What do you want from me you whore!? Do you wannna fuck soon or what!? "gets on her knees"

Me: Ok Marcy! Quit it!

Jeff opens the door wearing his hood and sees us

Jeff: 0_0

Marcy: 0_0

Me: 0_0

Jeff: "slowly closes the door" I'm sniiiiitchiiiiin.

Marcy: 0_0

Me: 0_0... See!? Look what you got us into!?

Marcy: We have to catch him!

The End

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