Amazonia was barely out of the barracks when she heard someone walking behind her. The footsteps were rushed and their heavy breathing was easy to hear. Amazonia froze, afraid of being caught sneaking into her husband's quarters. But luckily, the soldier only went into the Blood Room. Quickly, Amazonia turned around. She could only see a small trail of blood and the foot of a soldier ducking into the Room.

While she was turning to go home, Amazonia could hear a very faint mumbling. "Fever," it sounded like, a familiar ailment to her. Soldiers would usually come down with it after battle. It was the only downside she could find to fighting. Amazonia was going to continue back to her home, but a sinking feeling took over her stomach. She groaned, leaning against the wall.

"What is this?" She grabbed onto her stomach. Blood (or the sounds of sickness) had never had a toll on her before; what was making this any different? "My gosh, what's going on?" She looked around, panic taking over her. Amazonia doubled over, her eyes closed in confusion and nausea.

She looked up for a brief second, and the Blood Room caught her eye. Amazonia had heard of Anemone, a very skilled healer, that would spend hours on end there. Quickly making up her mind yet again, she started to run towards the place that could help her.

After she arrived at the room, she saw her beloved husband being taken care of by Anemone. The stomach pains increased, but Amazonia simply put a hand to her stomach as if it would stop them.

"What happened?" She said quickly, sitting next to the caretaker of Deus. Anemone was trying to lower his fever...he was obviously wounded.

"Fever," Anemone explained quietly. Amazonia quickly tucked a dark hair behind her ear and looked down at Deus.

"Oh, this is what I was afraid of." She sat in silence for a while, listening to the cold water rushing over Desmondius. Tears filled her eyes, but she quickly wiped them. Soldiers didn't cry. Her hand flew to her nose and mouth as nausea and worry further took over her body.

The End

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