Desmondius' WelcomeMature

Amazonia's face lit up as she saw the men coming down the streets of Gytheio. Her husband would be returning in this group, and she had been waiting for what seemed to be ages until his return.

"Deus," she whispered as she saw his face. She ducked down, hiding from the large group. She didn't want to be caught spying on them while she looked for her husband. "Perhaps I've just got to go see him," she said to herself, finally making up her mind.

Amazonia followed the troops in silence, her face lit orange by the glow of the lanterns. Her keen eyes picked up the various marks on their clothes and she studied the details of the crimson liquid as she followed. She was rather war-like and absorbed all the information possible about battle, including the after-effects. Her head tilted as she stared into the back of the men in front of her.

"What I wouldn't give to go into battle with them," she whispered.

Eventually, the group split off and she went back into hiding. Her eyes followed Deus, announcing that he needed to get some rest and suggesting the same for the other men. With a quick look around, she ran across through the barracks and to Deus' quarters. He laid down, trying to get some rest, while she hid in the shadows. A smirk took over her face as she tucked her hair out of the way.

"Welcome home," she said suddenly. Deus jumped up in surprise, not expecting to find her there.

"Who's there?" Deus said threateningly. "Show yourself!"

"Calm down." Amazonia cooed as she sat down next to him. "It's just me."

"Amazonia," he smiled as he looked at her. "I expected a different welcome."

"Of course you did." Amazonia smirked. "Shouldn't you be used to this by now?"

"I suppose." Deus yawned as the conversation died down.

"So how was the battle?" Amazonia asked suddenly, bursting with excitement and taking Desmondius' hand. "Tell me everything."

"The battle was won," Deus said, closing his eyes. "That's all you need to know for now."

"Was it very bloody?" Amazonia half-smiled, gesturing with her hands and dropping Deus'. "Did you take your sword and--"

"Amazonia," Deus scolded. "That will be enough."

"Oh, but I've never been in battle before," Amazonia's smile faded. "I'd like to know more about the experience."

"Not now." Deus insisted. "I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Suit yourself." Amazonia stood. "I will be waiting to hear from you soon." She took one last look at her husband, an expression of pride on her face. Eventually, she exited the quarters and ran across the deserted barracks, hiding from the men until she reached her home.

"I'll bet anything the Spartans win," she said to herself, coming inside. As soon as she came in, she took out a sword Deus had given to her in the beginning of their marriage and slashed the air with it. "And if they had me on their side, we would win even faster." Smiling, she put the sword down. "Maybe someday they'll learn."

The excitement eventually faded as Amazonia laid down, also preparing to sleep. Many stories of battle would surround her tomorrow, satisfying her burning desire to hear of it.

The End

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