Invaded Dreams.


As soon as all the girls went home for the day, I closed and locked the door of the drama room and closed all the blinds and curtains and walked over to my chest and got some dust out and threw it to the floor.

"I wish to speak to the King." I said then a hologram of the king showed up.

"Lukis, do you have good news?" he asked.

"I do Your Majesty, I found Telina, Alina and Calina." I told him, he had a look of relief on his face.

"You have?" he asked.

"I have." I said, he sighed with relief,

"They can't come back just yet thought you understand that?" he warned, I nodded.

"They can't come back until two days before their 18th birthday, I know." I said.

"And they know about their powers?" he asked, I nodded.

"There is a complication though...Lilith and Crowica, they're here." I said.

“Damn, they’ll try everything to get rid of my daughters, whatever you do Lukis, do not let them out of your sight.” The king warned me,

“Yes Your Majesty.” I said and his vision disappeared.


I got home and hung my bag and coat up, “I’m home!” I yelled out, my brother Gabriel came out from the living room.

“Hey.” he said.

“Hey, I’m so tired.” I said going into the living room and plopping down on the sofa.

“Yep, school’ll do that to you.” Gabriel teased, I closed my eyes and had a little nap.


“Cat? Annie?” I called out, I was much older and transformed into my fairy state, I saw them and flew over to them, “Cat? Annie?” I asked, they looked as if they were in a trance, I panicked and tried to wake them up, “C’mon! It’s not funny! You can snap out of it!” I cried, then they froze in their element state, Annie was just a tree and Cat was turning into air, I looked down and saw that I was turning into fire and water, “NO! NO! LUKIS! HELP!” I screamed, I heard cackling in the background, I turned my head and saw Mrs Sanders.

“Oh Princess Telina, he can’t hear’re alone.” she said and struck me with lightning.


I woke up screaming and my brother tried to calm me down,

“Sssssh, sssssh, it’s OK, it was just a bad dream." Gabriel said, I panicked and clung to him.

“It was so real.” I told him, he rocked me back and forth,

“What on earth is going on?” my father asked coming in,

“Papa…” I sobbed.

“She had a weird nightmare dad.” Gabriel said, my father looked concerned.

“What happened dearie?” he asked, I told him what happened and he nodded concerningly, he looked towards my mother and back at me, “Well it was just a nightmare,” he smiled, I nodded.

“OK daddy.” I said, I had to text the girls about this, I got out my phone and texted them.

To: Kitty Cat and Annie Berrie;

Just had the freakiest dream! Skype me ASAP!

I got up from the sofa and ran up to my room and turned on my laptop and activated Skype and waited for Cat and Annie, Annie was first to show up.

Hey whats up?” Annie asked,

“Hey, I don’t wanna say until Cat shows up.” I told her, then I accepted a call off Cat.

What is it Ter Bear?” Cat asked.

“I just had this weird dream, I was in my fairy form and you were frozen as air Cat and Annie, you were a tree, and I was turning into fire and water and the head was there...laughing evilly, I think she’s the one who set those things on us.” I told them.

Are you sure? I mean it was a dream after all.” Annie said, I nodded.

“I’ll have to talk to Lukis tomorrow during Drama, somethings not right, why would Mrs Sanders invade my dream?" I asked, they both shrugged.

Yeah, do that...I can’t believe we were separated today!” Cat said changing the subject.

“Cat! This is important! Don’t change the subject!” I scolded, she bit her lip.

Sorry.” she said, I sighed,

“No, I’m sorry, that nightmare just spooked me.” I told her.

It’s not your fault.” Annie said, I smiled, I heard my mother calling me.

“I gotta go now, but I’ll see you tomorrow." I said, they nodded and disconnected after saying goodbye, I went downstairs and smiled at my family.

"Hey munchkin, how was your first day of school?" Nick asked, I nodded.

"It was alright..." I said as I went to the table, my mum placed my favourite soup in front of me, I smiled a little and ate.

The End

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