I made my way to the drama rooms with Lilith, I couldn't wait to corrupt things, Corrupting is my middle name...well actually it's Jenna for now, me and Lilith got to the drama room where everyone was sat in a circle talking to each other, Lilith knocked the door.

"Come in!" Lukis said and Lilith walked in, everyone stood up immediately.

"Good Afternoon 7 Nightingale A." she said in her headmistress voice.

"Good Afternoon Mrs Sanders." the girls said, Lilith smiled.

"You have a new addition to your tutor group, this is my niece Camilla." Lilith stated.

"We can't take in another one, we're full up." Lukis said.

"Yes you can, there has been a mix up with the houses, Annie Harris, you're being moved to Bronte and Cat Jenkins, you're being moved to Cavell." Lilith said, the blonde, Terri looked alarmed.

"Don't look so alarmed Ter, we'll see each other at Lunchtime and breaktime and on the bus." Annie said picking up her bag.

"I wish you didn't have to go girls." Terri said, Cat gave her a hug and they left, I went to sit in the space next to Terri, she smiled slightly.

"So, Camilla, it's circle time." Lukis said picking up a ball, "Catch this and state your name and three interesting things about yourself." he said and threw it, I caught it.

"My name is Camilla Jenna Sanders, I'm a big fan of Justin Bieber, I love horses and I can count to ten in French." I said, Lukis nodded.

"Right well...interesting facts." Lukis said putting on a false smile, "Terri? Can I have a word with you?" he asked, she nodded and walked with Lukis outside the room.


I made my way over to my new tutor room and smiled at the teacher.

"Hello, you must be Annie, I am Miss Earle." she said.

"Hi." I said quietly, she smiled, she had a nice smile, it was kind.

"If you'd like to sit next to Isabella and Jessica, that would be great." she said, I nodded and sat inbetween two girls.

"Alright?" Jessica asked, I nodded, she nodded and went back to texting under the table.

"So everyone, most of you will have me for Science and History, I promise I'll try not to be boring." Miss Earle said, I smiled, "Annie, what's your favourite subject?"

"I'm bit of a History geek." I told her.

"Great, me and you will get on nicely." she smiled, I smiled back.


I got to my new tutor room and heard everyone laughing, I walked inside and saw a brown haired man turning in circles, he had a spider on his back.

"Get this off now!" he shouted, I ran over to him and brushed the spider into my palm and ran outside to the courtyard and let it go and ran back.

"Done!" I said.

"Oh thank you, you must be Cat, I'm Mr Argent." the man said, I nodded and sat down, he had a cheeky boy grin about him and had a Newcastle accent.

"Yes sir." I said.

"I'm head of English and I'll be your English teacher." he smiled, I smiled back, maybe it wouldn't be so bad...

The End

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