Time For A Explanation


While everyone headed off for lunch, me, Annie and Cat were sat in the drama classroom with Luke, we were waiting for an explanation, he was sat on the table with his legs crossed,

"I’ve been searching for six hundred years for you three and now I’ve found you." he said smiling, I took my chocolate milkshake out and took a sip.

"Six hundred years? But you look as if you’re 22!" Cat said in shock, Luke laughed.

"Immortality." Luke said.

"You look quite good for someone who’s six hundred and twenty two." I said blushing, Annie nudged me, “What? He does." I told her, Luke laughed and nodded.

"Thanks, now, it’s the matter of your powers, you can’t rely on them without these." Luke said bringing out a box.

"What are they?" Annie asked, Luke brought out three crystal necklaces.

"These are your crystal pendants, they’ll help you transform and with your powers." Luke said when I put mine on, it glowed red and blue, Annie’s glowed green and Cat glowed a light blue, “You must keep them on at all times, but hide them under your uniforms when you’re in class and take them off for P.E." Luke added.

"Sure." I smiled and hid it.

"They’re pretty." Cat smiled, Luke nodded.

"They’ll help you transform and use your powers without you getting weak."

"What if danger strikes when we’re in lessons?" Annie asked, Luke shook his head.

"Then I will deal with it personally." he said, we nodded.

"Now, the whole tattoo matter…I had tattoos on my arm," Cat said.

"Yeah and I had one on my leg." Annie said, I looked at them strangely.

"I didn’t have a tattoo." I said, Luke looked at me.

"Hmm, you should…transform for a minute." he said, I nodded and and brought out my pendant.

"I CALL UPON THE ELEMENTS OF FIRE AND WATER! METAMORPHASIS!" I said and transformed into my fairy state, “Now, look for the tattoo." I said, the girls nodded and looked around my body.

"Hmmm, where could it be?" Annie asked.

"FOUND IT!" Cat said,

"Where?!" I asked.

"It’s on your back, it’s bigger than mine." Cat said, Annie looked behind me.

"And Mine." she said, Luke smiled,

"OK Terri you can transform back now, just clutch your pendant and think of your normal self." he said.

"Wait normal self?" I said as I transform back.

"You can use them to shape shift too, but not unless you need to, you can't use them for personal use like...getting into a concert of which you have to be a certain age." he warned, we nodded.

"Of course." Annie said, then the bell went and we heard the bustle of girls coming in,

"We'll talk more about this later." Luke said and we nodded.


I had to do something to keep an eye on those wretched girls, "What can I do Crowica?" I asked, she cocked her head to the side and flew over to me, "I just can't let those girls roam the school...unless..." I said and looked at Crowica, "How do you fancy being human again?" I asked her, she gave me a crow sound of approval and I got the transformation powder and threw it over her and Crowica was now a 12 year old girl sitting on my desk in a black dress, she had pale skin, blue eyes and black hair.

"Hmmm, this should be fun Your Evilness." she said.

"In this school, it's Auntie Lily, got it?" I asked, she nodded.

"I'm gonna need a name too." she said.

"How about Camilla?" I asked, Crowica smiled.

"Camilla it is." she smirked, I smiled.

"I'm gonna need you to turn the princesses against each other, can you do that?" I asked, she nodded.

"Of course," Crowica said and curtsied.

The End

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