Enter Freakiness Part 3


"NO!" I roared and turned away from the mirror, Battica was perished, I went to the window and saw the girls on their break, then I saw the three girls...laughing, joking and talking, maybe the mousey haired one didn't have any powers? Maybe she isn't Calina, maybe she's a regular human being, there was only one way to find out, I called for one of the teachers to take all the year sevens on a tour of the school and got Waspica out of the box and let her fly out the window.


"I don't understand why I'm feeling so tired, I went to sleep early last night." Annie said.

"Maybe it's one of those spontaneous tiredness things, my mum gets them all the time." Terri said, Annie shook her head.

"Calina...Calina..." I heard a voice say, I shook it off and followed the girls.

"So...there's a shopping center I usually go to, fancy going after school?" I asked,

"Sure." Terri said, we both looked at Annie, she smiled.

"Oh, alright." she said.

"Calina...Calina..." I heard the voice say again,

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I said and ran following the voice, until I reached the sports hall, there was a giant wasp flying around, I hated wasps so I stepped back, it heard my foot steps and came towards me and I suddenly knew what to say, "CALL UPON THE ELEMENTS OF AIR METAMORPHASIS!" I shouted and a gust of air came towards me and engulfed me, a light shone down at me and I was suddenly transformed into a light blue playsuit with light blue hair and wings, I had swirly tattoos on my arm, I looked at myself in shock then looked towards the wasp, I was no longer afraid, it was like I was this different person, "BE GONE CREATURE OF THE NETHERWORLD!" I yelled and gathered the wind around me and pushed it towards the wasp, "GO BACK TO WHENCE YOU CAME!" and pushed more wind towards it until it perished, I transformed back to my natural self and tried to catch my breath, but I ended up collapsing.


"She did it!" I exclaimed, I had to gather them, I put my sandals on and ran over to the girls, "Girls, where's Cat?" I asked.

"She went to the bathroom...15 minutes ago...no wait there she is!" Terri said and pointed to Cat who was stumbling, her and Annie ran over to her and helped her.

"Cat? Are you alright?" Annie asked, Cat shook her head.

"Giant wasp...wings...new clothes...just a messed up dream." Cat said.

"I had the same dream...only, I was fighting a giant spider." Terri said shuddering.

"Same here, only with a giant bat," Annie said.

"They weren't dreams...that was really you...Cat, the state you're in is only because your powers have been dormant for twelve years, it goes for you two as well." I said to them...then I realised, that damn Crowica of Lilith's might be around..."Girls...would you care to help me with some drama equipment?" I asked, the girls nodded and we made our way to the drama closet.

"So...Luke...what's the big deal?" Terri asked.

"You three are the long lost Princess Fairy Spirits...Terri, you are Telina, Princess Fairy Spirit for Fire and Water, Annie, you are Alina Princess Fairy Spirit for Earth and you Cat are Calina Princess Fairy Spirit of Air." I told them,

"How come Terri gets two elements?" Cat asked.

"Because I'm awesome." Terri smiled, I laughed.

"Yes...but you are also the first born triplet." I said.

"I'm a Triplet? Who're my sisters?" Terri asked, I nodded towards Cat and Annie, she looked at me in disbelief.

"That's impossible...we were born on different days!" Cat said.

"No...the day you were left on the doorstep was the day marked as your birthdays...you were all born on the ninth of March," I told them.

"So...who are you?" Annie asked.

"I am Prince Lukis of Leothia." I said kissing Terri's hand, she blushed, I needed to speak to them...about them.


The End

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