Enter Freakiness Part 2


I saw in my mirror that Telina destroyed my dear pet Spiderica, I turned away from the mirror and growled, that good for nothing Lukis was right! But, there's still the two others that I have to prove, I picked up the choice powder and blew it at the mirror and the brunette girl showed up, Alina.

"Ah yes, you will do nicely." I said and walked over to my little box, "The girl has a fear of bats, so she shall face Battica." I said picking up a miniature bat and whispered the enlargement spell and let it fly to Nightingale wing, I turned on the PA, "Can all Year sevens come to the hall for a small assembly please? Thank you." I said, I smirked to myself.


"OK everyone, to the hall." Mr Caffery said, we all put our stuff down and made our way to the hall.

"You sure you're OK?" I asked Terri, she nodded.

"Yeah, must've been a bit tired." she said.

"Alina...." I heard a voice say, I shook it off and kept walking, "Alina...." I couldn't take it, I had to go see it was.

"Uh, I'm just gonna head to the bathroom." I said, Terri and Cat nodded and kept walking, I followed the voice back to the Nightingale block and saw a huge bat, my eyes widened and I stepped back, and the bat saw me, I screamed and ran back to the tutor room, but it followed me in before I could close the door. Then some words came to my head. "I CALL UPON THE ELEMENTS OF EARTH METAMORPHASIS!" I shouted and then the ground cracked and vines came up and wrapped around me and a light glowed and I found myself in different clothing, it was a midriff halterneck and a pair of capri pants, both a grassy green and I had swirly tattoo's on my feet, I grew a bit taller and my hair was grassy green too...and I had wings.

"You shall not defeat me fairy!" the bat thing said, I glared at it and thrust my arms forward and vines shot towards the bat.

""BE GONE CREATURE OF THE NETHERWORLD!" I shouted and brought my hands together and a orb of vines came together in them, ""GO BACK TO WHENCE YOU CAME!" I shouted and threw the orb at the bat and it disappeared, I panted and went back to my former self, I felt a bit dizzy, so I grabbed a stool and sat down and everyone came back.

"Annie!" I heard Terri say, I looked up and saw her and Cat looking worried.

"I'm fine, tired." I said and leaned my head on the desk. 


The End

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