Enter Freakiness Part 1


After I took the register, I told them to keep themselves occupied for a few moments and went to Lilith's office.

"Open up Lilith!" I hissed as I reached her office, she opened the door, when she saw my face, her face turned sour.

"You! I thought I finished you off in the war of Leothia!" she whispered, I raised my eyebrows in a cocky manner.

"Yeah well you didn't." I said, she saw the pendent on my neck and tried to snatch it off my neck, I stepped back, "Ah, ah, ah." I said.

"That belongs to me!" she hissed.

"No it doesn't, the prophecy is coming true, Telina, Alina and Calina have been reunited," I said referring to the three girls in my classroom.

"They won't be together for very long." she sneered, I gave her a cocky smirk and left, she was bluffing.


"So how come I've never seen you around Cardiff before girls?" Cat asked.

"Just moved here from L.A." I said, "My mum wanted to settle down."

"I went to a private school." Annie said, Cat nodded, just then Mr Caffery walked back in.

"Sorry girls, had to go see the headmistress about something, now, let's do a getting to know you exercise." he said pulling out a ball, "Now who ever catches it, you must state your name and three facts about yourself, like I have it now, my name is Luke Caffery, I recently graduated from University, my favourite band is Duran Duran and I forget things sometimes." he said then threw the ball, I caught it,

"Wow, OK, umm, Hi, my name is Terri Gold, my mother is Louise Gold, I play guitar and I have a husky named Nanook." I said, half the girls didn't believe what I had just said, then they were asking about my mother.

"OK guys, you can talk later, Terri throw the ball to someone else." Mr Caffery said, I nodded and threw the ball to Annie.

"My name is Annie, I love to read, I have two brothers and a Owl named Midnight." she said and threw the ball to Cat.

"My name is Cat, I love to sleep, I love my family and I have a cat named Felix." she said happily, we carried on with this until we reached the last girl, there was a piercing alarm.

"OK girls walk don't run." Mr Caffery said, we all walked out of the room but I heard someone.

"Telina, Telina." a voice said, I shrugged it off and kept walking, "Telina!" the voice continued, it was no good, I turned back and walked back inside.

"Terri! Terri!" I heard Annie and Cat say, I ignored them and kept walking, I walked up the stairs and seen a lot of water which I was ankle deep in, I then saw a creature, it was big and spider like, my eyes widened at the sight of it, I backed away but the swish of the water made a noise and the spider thing looked at me, then some words came to my head.

"I CALL UPON THE ELEMENTS OF FIRE AND WATER! METAMORPHASIS!" I shouted, then the water parted and went around me and some fire shot across to me and engulfed me, I found myself with wings and a fairy outfit which consisted of a skirt which looked like french chantilly lace that got lighter and lighter from the top to bottom and a bikini top, and my hair was parted and two different colours, one blue like the sea and the other a fire red and I was wearing nothing on my feet, "BE GONE CREATURE OF THE NETHERWORLD!" I shouted and shot the creature with fire and water, "GO BACK TO WHENCE YOU CAME!" And the creature disintergrated, and then everything went black.


The End

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