"C'mon Cat, time to wake up." I heard my mother say.

"No, please don't leave me Doctor!" I muttered, mum laughed.

"I'm not quite the Doctor, but wake up please?" she asked, I opened my eyes and yawned and looked at the time.

"Holy crap It's eight!" I said, I shot out of bed and threw my uniform on, I brushed through my hair quickly and brushed my teeth, I picked up my bag and ran downstairs and shot through the door, I ran around the corner and saw the bus was already there, I gulped and ran down the street and managed to catch the bus, I panted and spotted a seat next to two girls, I sat down and closed my eyes.

"Slept late?" the blonde asked, I nodded.

"You should try setting an alarm, that might help." the light brown haired girl said.

"I'm Cat." I replied.

"Annie." light brown haired girl said.

"Terri." the blonde said and we got talking on the way to school, we talked about our favourite things like tv shows, food, books, but when it came to our birthdays, we were each a day apart, Terri was ninth of March, I was Seventh, and Annie was eighth, which was weird.

As soon as we got to school, we had to go to the main hall, we sat down next to each other and the head mistress talked to us about starting the new year, she kinda reminded me of that woman from 'The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket, she told us all that each of us were special in our own way, but when she seen me, Terri and Annie, her smile faded.

"Now, in your laps which you should've picked up from the chair, is the name of your form," she said,

"Nightingale." I said, I turned to Terri and Annie and smiled

"What did you get?" I asked.

"Nightingale." they both said.

"Snap!" I said, we giggled and hugged each other and headed to the nightingale tutor room, where there was a man in his late 20's sitting on a table meditating, and speaking a weird language.

"Excuse me?" Terri asked, he turned around and smiled.

"Ah you must be the freshmen, my name is Luke Caffery, but you can either call me Luke or Caffery, up to you." he said.

"I think we'll stick to sir." Annie said and we got a seat near a window, today was going to be a fun day, Annie got out her pencil case, same as Terri, I got out mine as well, then Mr Caffery looked at us in disbelief.

"Mr Caffery?" Terri asked, he blinked.

"Sorry, I zoned out for a minute." he muttered, what was his problem? He had some sort of pendant on and it glowed, first orange, then blue, then green then white, "Excuse me for a minute." he said and ran out just as a bunch of girls came into the class.


The End

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