I had been up since half six, made sure I was in correct uniform, made sure I had my packed lunch and that my bag was packed correctly, I was eating my breakfast when my mother came downstairs.

"Your up early Annie." she smiled putting the kettle on.

"It's my first day, I don't want to be late like the boys are often," I answered and heard Nick and Patrick run downstairs.

"Morning mum, morning Swot!" Nick said running a hand through his untidy hair,

"Nick, be nice to your sister." my dad said, I smiled at him and resumed eating my breakfast, my father was a tailor and my mother was a nurse, I grabbed my bag and made sure I had everything, I couldn't be to careful to leave anything at home.

"Your such a nerd." Nick said shaking his head, I frowned.

"Your such a twat." I said back and noticed my pencil case was missing, Patrick held something behind his back.

"OK Patrick, give it back." my mother said, Patrick smirked and gave it back to me.

"Sorry." he said, I glared at him, my mother made herself a cup of coffee and gave one to my father, I put my hair up in a pony tail and got up grabbing my coat.

"Right, I should get a move on, the bus is due in half an hour and I can't be late." I said and walked out of the house, I walked down the street and smiled slightly at people I saw, I got to the bus stop and plugged my earbuds in and put on a bit of S Club 7 on my ipod and got out my 'Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets' book and started to read, it must've been a good 15 or 20 minutes before the bus arrived, I put my book in my bag and stepped onto the bus, there we a lot of girls talking and I saw a Blonde girl with green eyes sitting in a three seater seat by herself reading a 'Skulduggery Pleasant' book, I cleared my throat and she looked up

"Can I help you?" she asked,

"Is anyone sitting here?" I answered, she shook her head smiling,

"Not at all." she said and moved her 'Monster High' bag, I sat down beside her.

"I'm Annie Harris." I said.

"Terri Gold." she smiled.

"Your mothers Louise Gold right? I love her fashion collection." I said, she laughed,

"Yes," she said and we got talking, I could tell we were going to be great friends

The End

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